30 Jan

Just Released: Panthera’s January Newsletter


Panthera has just released our first newsletter of 2015!

Read the January edition to learn about the world premiere of the new film, Tiger Tiger, at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival this week, which follows Panthera’s CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz as he searches for tigers in the Sundarbans.

27 Jan

First Known Footage of African Golden Cat Hunting in Daylight Captured in Uganda


A team of scientists has captured the first ever video of one of the least known and most elusive wild cats on earth – the African golden cat – hunting during daylight in Kibale National Park, Uganda.

26 Jan

NatGeo: Panthera’s Puma Program Leader Dr. Mark Elbroch Describes ‘A Fortress for Puma Kittens’


A new National Geographic Cat Watch blog post by Panthera Puma Program Leader, Dr. Mark Elbroch, describes the awesome 'fortresses' pumas use to birth and nurse their kittens.

22 Jan

Joint Statement by Panthera and WCT on the Government of India’s "Status of Tigers, 2014" Report


On Tuesday, January 21st, The Government of India released the preliminary report on the 'Status of Tigers in India, 2014'. Panthera and Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) congratulate the extraordinary efforts of the National Tiger Conservation Authority and The Government of India in what is an incredible achievement

20 Jan

People vs. Predators – Competing for Wild Meat in Belize


A new Panthera co-authored publication released by Oryx, the International Journal of Conservation, reports on how predators, like jaguars, and people compete for wild meat in Belize.

15 Jan

Bloomberg Businessweek Profiles Panthera’s CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz – ‘How Did I Get Here?’


A new infographic published by Bloomberg Businessweek profiles the life and career of Panthera’s CEO and wild cat scientist, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz.

13 Jan

‘Paths to Becoming a Wildlifer’


A new article in the winter issue of The Wildlife Professional, published by The Wildlife Society, discusses ‘Paths to Becoming a Wildlifer,’ including how to make yourself marketable in the field of wildlife conservation and what qualities employers are looking for in a wildlife professional.

09 Jan

‘Hear Me Roar’ - Panthera’s Chairman Dr. Thomas Kaplan Featured in Baku Magazine


Baku Magazine, an international publication produced by Conde Nast, has just released a new article entitled ‘Hear Me Roar’ that profiles the life and career of Panthera’s Chairman, Dr. Thomas S. Kaplan.

08 Jan

Video: Cougar Mother and Rambunctious Kittens


Watch a video below taken in May of 2013 of a female puma monitored through Panthera’s Puma Program, known as F61 and her two, rambunctious kittens.

06 Jan

NBC Looks ‘Beyond 2015: Can World's Most Endangered Wildlife Survive?’


A new NBC article, ‘Beyond 2015: Can World's Most Endangered Wildlife Survive?,’ examines the current state and threats facing some of our planet’s most endangered species - big cats, elephants, rhinos and other wildlife.