19 Jun

NatGeo Q&A with Panthera’s 2013 Rabinowitz Prize for the Next Generation in Wild Cat Conservation winner, Shivani Bhalla


Panthera’s 2013 Rabinowitz Kaplan Prize for the Next Generation in Wild Cat Conservation winner and lion conservationist, Shivani Bhalla, recently chatted with National Geographic about her work to protect the fewer than 2,000 lions that remain in all of Kenya.

17 Jun

The Tico Times Reports on Panthera’s Jaguar Conservation Efforts in Costa Rica


The Tico Times recently released an article on the proven success of new, Panthera-trained rapid response units that are helping to mitigate livestock-related conflict between farmers and jaguars throughout Costa Rica.

11 Jun

NPR Interview with Panthera CEO Alan Rabinowitz: A Boy And His Jaguar Speak To Children Who Feel Misunderstood


On Sunday, Panthera’s CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, sat down with NPR to discuss the release of his new, illustrated children’s book ‘A Boy and a Jaguar,’ and his life story that helped shape this book.

04 Jun

Forbes: Can Big Name Philanthropists Save The Big Cats?


Forbes recently sat down with Panthera's Founder Dr. Thomas Kaplan and CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz to discuss the creation of a new Global Alliance committing $80 Million to conserve the world's wild cats, and to answer the question "Can Big Name Philanthropists Save The Big Cats?"

02 Jun

Press Release: New Global Alliance Commits $80 Million to Save the World's Wild Cats and Their Ecosystems


Commitment Unites Donors from China, India, the United Arab Emirates and the United States to Collectively Provide $80 Million in Cornerstone Funding for Panthera's $200 Million Initiative for Wild Cats

30 May

NatGeo Cat Watch - "The Silent Roar on the Roof of the World: Saving Snow Leopards"


National Geographic’s Cat Watch blog recently published an article by Panthera's Tajikistan Snow Leopard Program Coordinator, Tanya Rosen, entitled 'The Silent Roar on the Roof of the World: Saving Snow Leopards.'

Read the article below or on NatGeo’s Cat Watch blog to learn about Panthera's snow leopard conservation efforts in Tajikistan, the threats facing snow leopards and the history of the region, how social and political conflict impacts wildlife, and why "five rolls of mesh wire, five wood boards, & a bag full of nails & hooks can go a long way to conserve snow leopards."

29 May

Panthera CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz Delivers Inspirational Commencement Speech at McDaniel College


On Saturday, Panthera’s CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, delivered an inspirational commencement speech to the 2014 graduating class of his alma mater, McDaniel College, in Westminster, Maryland.

Listen to the commencement speech to learn how Dr. Rabinowitz’s time at McDaniel College turned his life around and helped pave his career dedicated to saving “the planet’s disappearing wildlife,” and the poignant advice he gave to McDaniel’s 2014 graduating class.

Read an excerpt from Dr. Rabinowitz’s commencement speech here:

27 May

Voice of America Interviews Panthera’s Dr. Phil Henschel on the State of Lions in Senegal


In a new Voice of America (VOA) radio segment, Panthera's Lion Program Survey Coordinator, Dr. Phil Henschel, shares interesting insights from a recent Panthera-led study on the state of lions in Senegal, and all of West Africa. Listen to the segment or read the VOA article to learn about some of the last West African lions living in Senegal's Niokolo Koba National Park, threats facing lions in the region, including bush-meat hunting, and what is needed to save Senegal's and West Africa’s last lions.

21 May

Earth Touch News Network: Panthera’s ‘Feline Freeways’ are Helping to Save the Jaguar


Earth Touch News Network has published an article highlighting Panthera’s Jaguar Corridor Initiative – the largest carnivore conservation program in the world, which aims to link core jaguar populations within human landscapes from northern Argentina to Mexico to preserve the genetic integrity of the species. Learn about the jaguar’s range, how Panthera’s scientists are studying the species, and the data that confirms jaguars are using this corridor or ‘feline freeway’.

19 May

Panthera Partner Jigmet Dadul Receives Carl Zeiss Wildlife Conservation Award


Panthera congratulates our partner and conservationist Jigmet Dadul on receiving the 2014 Carl Zeiss Wildlife Conservation Award - a prize bestowed annually to a select group of wildlife conservationists, managers, and researchers to honor their contribution to wildlife conservation. Serving as Senior Program Manager with the Snow Leopard Conservancy India Trust (SLC-IT) since its inception in 2000, Jigmet works with local communities and various government and non-governmental organizations throughout Ladakh, India to reduce human-snow leopard conflict by developing local education, conservation and research programs.