09 Apr

Panthera Remembers Arturo ‘Ben’ Ramos

It is with great sadness that Panthera announces the passing of Arturo Ramos, Panthera’s field technician who worked throughout the country’s Central Belize Jaguar Corridor. Also known as ‘Ben’ to his family and friends, Arturo had worked with Panthera’s Belize Jaguar Team since 2009 through the Jaguar Corridor Initiative.

02 Apr

Protecting Jaguars in the Pantanal

By Dr. Howard Quigley, Panthera’s Jaguar Program Executive Director

The Brazilian Pantanal is a window into a prehistoric past, where all things are giant. Giant armadillos, anteaters, river otters, anacondas, capybara, and the world’s largest jaguars.

25 Mar

Video: NatGeo ‘For the Love of Jaguars’ Presentation by Panthera’s CEO Dr. Rabinowitz


Panthera’s CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz recently gave a presentation entitled ‘For the Love of Jaguars’ at National Geographic Live in Washington, D.C. Speaking to a packed house, Dr. Rabinowitz brought viewers into the mysterious world of the elusive jaguar, which ranges from Mexico to Argentina, and described Panthera’s efforts throughout Latin America to conserve this species.

02 Mar

Just Released: February Newsletter


Read Panthera’s February newsletter to learn about the new commitment made by the government of Colombia and Panthera to protect the jaguars of Latin America and watch video coverage aired by Al Jazeera English on this new development.

27 Feb

Saving Jaguars - Protecting Wild Latin America


Jaguars are the face of all things wild for Latin America. Ranging from Argentina to Mexico - they've evolved over millions of years to survive. 

The sturdiest of the big cats, they roam between protected areas, through ranches, plantations, across rivers and dams, through the human landscape. Their ability to move and adapt has resulted in them remaining as a single species across their entire range.

26 Feb

Video: Al Jazeera English Reports on Panthera’s Landmark Jaguar Conservation Agreement with Colombia


Earlier this week, Al Jazeera English aired a video reporting on Panthera’s recent signing of a landmark conservation agreement with the government of Colombia to protect the future of the Americas’ largest wild cat – the jaguar.

20 Feb

Press Release: Colombia Reinstates Its Commitment to Jaguars


Bogotá – The jaguar was awarded renewed protection yesterday with the establishment of the second conservation agreement between the government of Colombia and Panthera, an organization dedicated to the preservation of wild cats around the globe.

12 Feb

Panthera Remembers Correspondent Bob Simon

It is with heavy hearts that our team at Panthera remembers Bob Simon, a CBS 60 Minutes correspondent, foreign reporter, an icon in the news world, and a champion for wildlife. Bob Simon and his producer Tom Anderson accompanied Panthera's Chairman, Dr. Thomas S. Kaplan, CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz and other staff to our project site in the Brazilian Pantanal in September 2010

05 Feb

‘A Boy and a Jaguar’ Wins American Library Association Book Award

As reported by The Los Angeles Times and CNN, the American Library Association has awarded 'A Boy and a Jaguar,' the 2014 children's book by Panthera's CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, the Schneider Family Book Award. Winning the Young Children's Book category, 'A Boy and a Jaguar' was selected as a book that “embodies an artistic expression of the disability experience.”

02 Feb

Press Release: Ellen and Duncan McFarland Invest $1 Million to Protect Brazilian Jaguar Habitat


Panthera and Rainforest Trust Offer New Protection for the Jaguar and World's Largest Wetland

New York, NY - In time for World Wetlands Day, Panthera Board Member Duncan McFarland and his wife Ellen have committed $1 Million to a partnership between Panthera and Rainforest Trust to buy the Jofre Velho Ranch in the Brazilian Pantanal.