14 Oct

First Camera Trap Photo of a Jaguar Captured in Honduras’ Jeanette Kawas National Park

Female jaguar caught on camera trap

In our April newsletter edition, we shared that there has been an increase in the number of jaguar sightings in Jeanette Kawas  National Park (JKNP) – one of the largest protected areas in northwestern Honduras.  Just weeks ago, Panthera’s Honduras Jaguar Coordinator, Franklin Castañeda, journeyed through JKNP to check the last 5 c

08 Oct

92Y Event – Jaguars: Americas’ Success Story

Dr. Alan Rabinowitz

On November 14, Panthera’s President and CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz will join Jane Alexander, a well-known actress, caring environmentalist, and member of Panthera’s Conservation Council, for the Jaguars: Americas’ Success Story lecture at Manhattan’s 92Y.  Join us at 7:30pm to hear Dr. Rabinowitz and Ms.

07 Oct

Conflict Expert, Rafael Hoogesteijn, on the air explaining tracking jaguars on the ground

Jaguar tracks in the sand

Rafael Hoogesteijn, Panthera’s Jaguar-Cattle Conflict Coordinator and Veterinarian based in Brazil, was recently interviewed on Cincinnati’s 91.7 WVXU radio program, along with other researchers, to share strategies Panthera is using to carry out effective jaguar conservation, and discuss some of the common obstacles faced while working in the rain forests and wetlands within jaguar habitat.

22 Jul

A Voice for the Animals: A Speaking of Faith Interview with Dr. Alan Rabinowitz

Dr. Alan Rabinowitz
Jaguar peeping through grass

Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, Panthera’s President and CEO, was recently featured on American Public Media's Speaking of Faith program. Download the podcast to hear Dr. Rabinowitz discuss his wildlife conservation crusade to give “A Voice for the Animals."

07 Dec

Huffington Post Cat Tales: Ah Puch

Alan Rabinowitz
Jaguar feeding on cow, Pantanal, Brazil

Panthera recently gathered stories from our scientists, researchers and partners about their favorite encounters with big cats in the wild. Below is a story from Panthera President and CEO Alan Rabinowitz, This "Cat Tale" is the second in our series of seven.

15 Apr

Why Living with Big Cats is Critical for Future Generations

Alan Rabinowitz
Jaguar sitting on a log, Pantanal, Brazil

I remember the day in 2006 when I learned that ten years of effort had resulted in the designation of the world's largest tiger reserve in a remote corner of Asia. I was euphoric, until late that afternoon when I received additional news about the deaths of two local people in the area, a mother of five and a teenage boy, who had succumbed to malaria. I had met and spoken with them both during visits to their villages. Now they were considered two more unfortunates on a list whose ranks swelled every year with the oncoming rains.