22 Jan

MongaBay Interview with Panthera’s Vice President, Andrea Heydlauff, on the Making of Panthera’s short film, “My Pantanal”


A recent interview with Panthera’s Vice President, Andrea Heydlauff, on the making of Panthera’s jaguar conservation film, ‘My Pantanal,’ has just been published on the environmental science website, Mongabay.

Read Andrea’s interview in the article entitled “Can Ranchers Coexist with Jaguars?” to learn how she became passionate about protecting wildlife, her career in wildlife conservation, Andrea’s decision to create ‘My Pantanal,’ her experiences filming in the Brazilian Pantanal, and her plans for Panthera’s next conservation film.

26 Dec

Hope for Colombia’s Cubs: A New Litter of Jaguars


Earlier this year, the first ever photos of jaguars in a Colombian oil palm plantation taken with Panthera’s camera traps were released, including images of a female jaguar with cubs. Placed in the inter-Andean Magdalena River Valley, these camera traps were set to gather new data about the impact of Colombia's ever-increasing oil palm plantations on jaguars. And thanks to this insightful research, Panthera’s scientists were able to confirm that, at least in some cases, jaguars are willing to move through oil palm, which is a good thing for preventing genetic isolation of the species.

03 Dec

Panthera’s Jaguar Photo Wins Runner-Up Prize in 2012 BBC Wildlife Camera Trap Photos of the Year Awards


We're excited to share that Panthera's camera trap photo of a jaguar mother and cubs in a Colombian oil palm plantation won the Runner-Up Prize in the New Discoveries category of the 2012 BBC Wildlife Camera Trap Photos of the Year Awards! Garnering substantial media coverage earlier this year, this photo was one of several images taken with Panthera’s camera traps that provided the first photographic evidence of wild jaguars with cubs in an oil palm plantation in Colombia.

21 Nov

Photo of the Day


We're excited to share that Panthera's photo of a jaguar mother and cubs in a Colombian oil palm plantation, shown here, won runner-up in the New Discoveries category of the 2012 BBC Wildlife Camera Trap Photos of the Year Awards! Among other nods, a picture of a giant pangolin by Panthera's Kaplan scholar Laila Bahaa-el-din was also commended in the Animal Portraits category.

Click here to see all the winning photos.

See more wild cat photos on our Photo page and on Flickr.

04 Oct

Panthera Film ‘My Pantanal’ Featured at 21st Annual Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival


‘My Pantanal’ – a film written and directed by Panthera’s Vice President, Andrea Heydlauff, about Panthera’s ongoing jaguar conservation initiatives in the Brazilian Pantanal – has been announced as an Official Selection of the 21st Annual Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, the only film institute in the United States dedicated solely to the documentary film genre.

A multicultural and intergenerational event, The Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival will be held October 12th-21st. ‘My Pantanal’ will be screened on Sunday, October 14th, at 1:25pm at Carmike Cinema 2.

01 Oct

A View from Above: The Corridor and The Future of the Jaguar


‘Boots on the ground’ is a term commonly used to describe Panthera’s jaguar scientists. Representing the first, and arguably the last, line of defense for the jaguar, these researchers carry out intense and physically challenging fieldwork to protect jaguar populations across Latin America. This conservation work often involves trudging through thick jungle on foot, in trucks and by boat to set camera traps and monitor jaguar populations, assess and mitigate threats facing jaguars and partner with local communities.

20 Sep

Panthera Wins $10,000 Chase Community Giving Grant to Protect Jaguars


Thanks to a huge outpouring of support from our fans, Panthera has just won a $10,000 Chase Community Giving grant that will go to support the protection of jaguars and their habitat across Latin America!

From September 6th-19th, the Chase Community Giving program allowed the public to vote for their favorite charities on Facebook to receive a portion of $5 million in grants, distributed to the 196 charities with the most votes. Competing against thousands of other organizations, Panthera urged our supporters to cast their votes and share news of the contest with friends and family in person, via email, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Thanks to these efforts, Panthera earned 1,455 votes and placed 142nd out of 196th!!!

10 Aug

Panthera’s Historic Agreement with the Costa Rican Government to Protect Jaguars Featured in The Costa Rica Star Newspaper


The Costa Rica Star newspaper recently reported on Panthera’s historic agreement, made this July, with the government of Costa Rica to protect the Americas’ largest wild cat – the elusive jaguar.

Earlier this summer, Costa Rica’s Minister of Environment, Energy and Telecommunications (MINAET), Dr. René Castro, presided over the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Panthera’s CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, and MINAET, in San José.

30 Jul

Panthera’s Jaguar Raffle Ends 7/31– Support Jaguar Conservation & Win a Stay for Two at Eco-Resort in Yucatan, Mexico


Panthera’s Jaguar Raffle will end tomorrow, July 31st. Get your tickets now for the chance to win a three night vacation at The Hacienda Chichen Resort & Eco-Spa in Yucatan, Mexico while supporting Panthera’s jaguar conservation initiatives! This opportunity has been made possible through a generous donation from our partners at Bare Essentials Magazine and The Maya Foundation in Laakeech.

This exclusive prize, valued at $1,200, includes:

26 Jul

Save Jaguars - Help us Mitigate Human-Jaguar Conflict


Dear Friend of Panthera,

Jaguars are the largest predators in the Americas. They need space to roam and prey to eat; but this is often where the problem begins.

As a veterinarian who has specialized in working on ranches for over 30 years in the Venezuelan Llanos, and now as Panthera's Jaguar Cattle-Conflict Manager, I have seen and experienced the frustration of losing livestock to jaguars and how this can impact livelihoods. But I've also seen how most people are looking for solutions for living with these big cats.

That's the best part of my job. I work with ranchers across the jaguar's range to implement solutions that help prevent conflicts and increase tolerance for living with these cats.