14 Jan

Photo of the Day

Craig Taylor

Enjoy our photo of the day of a leopard resting in a tree in South Africa. Did you know that leopards can hoist prey weighing up to 91kg (200lbs) up trees to avoid the risk of it being stolen by other predators?

Learn more cool facts about the leopard and how Panthera is working to protect this beautiful big cat through the Munyawana Leopard Project.

See more wild cat photos on our Photo page and on Flickr.

10 Jan

Enter Animal Works' Raffle to Support Wild Cat Conservation & Win a Leopard Print Scooter


Thanks to a contribution from an anonymous donor and the generosity of our partners at Animal Works, Panthera is pleased to offer our supporters an opportunity to win a leopard print scooter while supporting Panthera’s wild cat conservation programs!

07 Jan

An Unlikely Mother: The First Reported Case of a Wild Leopard Cub Adoption


Unlikely adoption among animals, both wild and domestic, make for lighthearted and exceedingly popular news stories. Admittedly or not, most of us have gushed over viral videos and photos showing both inter and intraspecies adoptions, such as domestic dogs who have adopted orphaned piglets, or lionesses who have assumed responsibility for the young of another pride member.

02 Oct

Photo of the Day

Christian Sperka

Enjoy our photo of the day of a handsome leopard walking in South Africa's Thanda Private Game Reserve. Today, Panthera is working through the Munyawana Leopard Project in the neighboring Phinda Private Game Reserve to influence public policies protecting leopards, work with local communities to improve their livestock husbandry techniques & reduce human-leopard conflict.

Learn more about Panthera's Munyawana Leopard Project.

See more wild cat photos on our Photo page and on Flickr.

28 Sep

Photo of the Day

Laila Bahaa-el-din

Our photo of the day shows a beautiful leopard in Tsavo, Kenya, taken by Panthera's Kaplan Scholar Laila Bahaa-el-din. Today, Panthera is protecting the leopards of South Africa through our Munyawana Leopard Project - the most comprehensive leopard study to date.

Learn more about Panthera's Munyawana Leopard Project.

Learn more cool 'cat facts' about the leopard.

See Laila's videos of another African cat - the golden cat.

26 Jun

Canon’s Short Film, ‘Man and Beast,’ Portrays the Life of Panthera’s CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz


Canon recently released a short film entitled ‘Man and Beast’ that portrays the life of Panthera’s CEO and wild cat expert, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, including why he has devoted his career to saving the world’s wild cats. Produced with a new and technologically advanced Canon Cinema EOS camera, the ten minute beautifully shot film features a powerful depiction of Dr. Rabinowitz’s childhood, during which he was faced with a debilitating stutter and sought solace in speaking to animals, that also had no voice. The film then moves on to portray Dr. Rabinowitz’s young adult life when he dedicated his career to saving and giving a voice to animals.

Watch the film here.

13 Jun

Tonight: NY Lecture by Panthera President Dr. Hunter: Leopard Conservation in Africa-Where Science, Hunting & Policy Converge


Join us tonight at 7pm at the Huntington-Oyster Bay Audubon Society in Hunting, New York to hear Panthera’s President, Dr. Luke Hunter, discuss the natural history of leopards, as well as the conservation efforts that are being employed to protect this magnificent big cat.

13 Apr

National Geographic: Panthera’s President, Dr. Luke Hunter, Explains the Science of a “Strawberry” Leopard


National Geographic recently featured an interesting photograph of a “strawberry” leopard shown walking in South Africa’s Madikwe Game Reserve, and asked Panthera’s President and leopard expert, Dr. Luke Hunter, to weigh in on the science behind this leopard’s rare coloring. Read what Dr. Hunter had to say about this leopard’s erythrism - a little-understood genetic condition that's thought to cause either an overproduction of red pigments or an underproduction of dark pigments – which is the first color variation of its kind that Dr. Hunter has ever seen in a wild leopard.

08 Mar

Proceeds from Jeep Apparel Leopard T-Shirts Support Panthera’s Leopard Conservation Projects


Panthera recently partnered with Jeep Apparel to raise funding and awareness about the state of South Africa’s leopards through exclusive leopard t-shirts! Jeep Apparel has created Men’s and Ladies t-shirts, featured below, with beautiful images of leopards, a ‘Save Our Leopards’ message and Panthera’s logo. Now through July 31st, these t-shirts are available for purchase at select Jeep stockists in South Africa, and 10 rand from the sale of each t-shirt will be donated to Panthera to support our leopard conservation initiatives.

30 Nov

Transcript of CNN Segment on Panthera’s ‘Faux Leopard Fur’ Project in South Africa


Just weeks ago, Panthera's 'faux leopard fur' project in South Africa, lead by Panthera Leopard Program Coordinator Tristan Dickerson, was featured on CNN's Saturday morning news program. CNN anchors T.J. Holmes and Nadia Bilchik discussed how Dickerson has developed an affordable and realistic faux leopard fur and is working with leaders of South Africa's Shembe Baptist Church to replace real leopard skins worn during cultural and religious celebrations by Shembe followers (approximately 5-11 million members currently exist). We are excited to share the following transcript of the CNN segment with you.