31 Jul

Help Panthera Save Lions like Cecil


The death of Cecil the lion has enraged the world this week, and rightly so. Having spent a lifetime working to conserve this species, I am disgusted by the killing of this regal lion.

For eight years, Cecil and his family had been followed by Panthera's partners in Zimbabwe, Oxford University's WildCRU. He was 13 when he was killed and was an essential member of his pride, defending its females and siring many litters of cubs. Cecil was helping to grow Africa's fading lion populations when he was apparently lured outside of the protection of the magnificent Hwange National Park and killed horrifically.

29 Jul

Panthera and WildCRU Call for Global Efforts to Conserve the African Lion


Alleged Illegal Hunting of Lion in Zimbabwe Highlights Catastrophic Decline of Africa’s Lions

New York, NY – Earlier this month, a male lion studied through the Hwange Lion Project, operated by Panthera and Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU), was tragically killed outside Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park.

08 Jun

Video: Panthera's Chairman Dr. Thomas Kaplan Speaks at Milken Institute Global Conference

Panthera Founder and Chairman Dr. Thomas Kaplan recently spoke at a conference hosted by the Milken Institute about his passion for conservation, what Panthera is doing to protect the world’s most threatened big cats, and how The Global Alliance for Wild Cats is changing the game for wildlife conservation.

14 May

New Photo of Male Lion in Gabon


In March, conservationists celebrated the sighting of a young male lion in Batéké Plateau National Park in south eastern Gabon, where lions were believed
to be locally extinct.

27 Mar

More Footage Shows Male Lion in Gabon for First Time in 20 Years

Two weeks ago, Panthera and our partners at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology's Pan African Programme: The Cultured Chimpanzee and The Aspinall Foundation issued a press release on the first videos of a lion taken in Gabon in 20 years, in a region where the species was believed by scientists to be “locally extinct.”

16 Mar

Reuters and BBC Africa Report on Lions Making a Comeback in Gabon


News is spreading quickly that lions may be making a comeback in Gabon after Reuters reported on a press release issued by Panthera, The Aspinall Foundation and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology's Pan African Programme last week.

05 Mar

The Horseshoe Pride – Part 2

By Dr. Paul Funston, Panthera’s Senior Director of Lion and Cheetah Programs

Dispersal is a fascinating and largely understudied aspect of lion ecology. Among other behaviors, Panthera has been monitoring the dispersal patterns of the Horseshoe Pride in the Zambezi region of Namibia for just over a year now, as part of a lion conservation project carried out with the Namibian Ministry of the Environment and the Kwando Carnivore Project. 

02 Mar

Just Released: February Newsletter


Read Panthera’s February newsletter to learn about the new commitment made by the government of Colombia and Panthera to protect the jaguars of Latin America and watch video coverage aired by Al Jazeera English on this new development.

12 Feb

The Dire Conservation Status of Lions in West and Central Africa


Besides elephants, lions are the quintessential symbol of wild Africa, used as icons of strength and power in national flags, coats of arms, historical and contemporary art, and logos of sports teams and private enterprises around the globe. However, few people realize that this iconic animal is under serious threat.

20 Jan

People vs. Predators – Competing for Wild Meat in Belize


A new Panthera co-authored publication released by Oryx, the International Journal of Conservation, reports on how predators, like jaguars, and people compete for wild meat in Belize.