10 Aug

Photo of the Day

Luke Hunter/Panthera

Our photo of the day is a stunning image of two Red Lechwes at sunrise in Zambia's Kafue National Park. Antelope like the lechwe are common in Zambia and share habitat with the African lion. Today, Zambia is 1 of only 7 countries estimated to have more than 1,000 wild lions. Panthera supports The Kafue Lion Project (KLP) in Zambia to protect these big cats.

Learn more about The Kafue Lion Project (KLP).

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03 Aug

Huffington Post Op-Ed by Panthera’s President, Dr. Luke Hunter: Captive Lion Reintroduction, a 'Conservation Myth'

Luke Hunter

This op-ed originally appeared on the Huffington Post.

Business is good for the "lion encounter" industry. There are now dozens of these operations across Africa that sell close encounters with captive lions. Starting at $60 for "a precious twenty minutes" of cub cuddling, and climbing to more than $3,500 for a month of paid "volunteering," anyone can pay to play with young lions and pose for photos to show the folks back home.

31 Jul

Press Release: New Report Finds Captive Lion Reintroduction Programs in Africa Operate Under 'Conservation Myth'


New York, NY - A new report published in the international conservation journal Oryx concludes that commercial 'wildlife encounter' operations across Africa promoting the reintroduction of captive lions do little to further the conservation of African lions in the wild.

02 Jul

The Huffington Post Publishes Op-Ed by Panthera’s President, Dr. Luke Hunter, on ‘How to Live with Lions’


The Huffington Post recently published an interesting op-ed by Panthera's President & lion expert, Dr. Luke Hunter, on 'How to Live With Lions'. Read the op-ed below and on Huffington Post’s Science blog to learn what Dr. Hunter has to say about the recent killing of six lions near Nairobi brought on by villagers seeking retribution for the loss of their livestock, Africa's booming human population & the resulting encroachment into traditional lion habitat. Find out how these conflicts can be avoided and learn which innovative lion conservation project Dr.

26 Jun

Canon’s Short Film, ‘Man and Beast,’ Portrays the Life of Panthera’s CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz


Canon recently released a short film entitled ‘Man and Beast’ that portrays the life of Panthera’s CEO and wild cat expert, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, including why he has devoted his career to saving the world’s wild cats. Produced with a new and technologically advanced Canon Cinema EOS camera, the ten minute beautifully shot film features a powerful depiction of Dr. Rabinowitz’s childhood, during which he was faced with a debilitating stutter and sought solace in speaking to animals, that also had no voice. The film then moves on to portray Dr. Rabinowitz’s young adult life when he dedicated his career to saving and giving a voice to animals.

Watch the film here.

22 Jun

Panthera’s President, Dr. Luke Hunter, Interviewed for AFP Article – ‘Lions on the Loose in Kenyan Capital’s Urgan Jungle’


The AFP article, "Lions on the loose in Kenyan capital's urban jungle" reports on recent human-lion conflicts that have arisen in and around the city of Nairobi due to lions wandering into suburbs situated near protected wildlife reserves, including Nairobi National Park. Panthera’s President and lion expert, Dr. Luke Hunter, was interviewed for this article to explain the root of these conflicts, including an ever-increasing human population, encroachment into lion habitat, and poor livestock husbandry practices.

04 Jun

Litters of Lions: New Photos of Cubs in Zambia


We are thrilled to share that a lion pride monitored by the Kafue Lion Project (KLP) team in Zambia's Kafue National Park has just welcomed at least eight new cubs to their pride! Just days ago, from a safe distance, the KLP team observed three lion cubs with their mothers at a den site, and days later saw what appeared to be five additional cubs at another den site. In addition, the KLP team's scientists believe there could be even more cubs as it appears that five of the six adult lionesses in the pride are lactating.

Click here to see photos of the lion cubs.

22 May

Panthera’s Cat Advisory Council Member Explains Recent Zoo Lions’ Interactions with Humans


Recently, ‘homemade’ videos of lions in zoos pawing at and interacting with children through their protected enclosures have been featured on various news television programs, blogs and other outlets. As several of these videos feature toddlers in striped clothing, many viewers were left wondering if the lions actually mistook the children for their natural prey – wild zebras.

30 Apr

Photo of the Day

Nick Garbutt

Enjoy our photo of the day showing two lion cubs in Zambia, taken by Panthera’s partner photographer, Nick Garbutt! This picture clearly shows the dark brown rosettes with which lion cubs are born, but that fade with age.

Learn more about the lion.
Find out how Panthera is working to protect this iconic species through our Project Leonardo.

Visit Nick Garbutt’s website
See more wild cat photos on our Photo page and on Flickr.

29 Mar

Just Released Online: BBC Wildlife Magazine Article on India’s Last Lions by Panthera’s President, Dr. Luke Hunter


Read an article on India's Last Lions by Panthera's President & lion expert, Dr. Luke Hunter, which was published in the March edition of BBC Wildlife Magazine & just posted online.