Snow Leopard

03 Feb

NYT Op-Ed by Panthera’s Dr. George Schaller – “Saving More Than Just Snow Leopards”


On Sunday, the New York Times published an op-ed by Panthera’s Vice President, Dr. George Schaller, and the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Asia Program Deputy Director, Peter Zahler, entitled ‘Saving More Than Just Snow Leopards.’

15 Jan

First Ever Photos Of Snow Leopards in Uzbekistan Taken Through Panthera, WWF and Gissar Nature Reserve Study


Tashkent, Uzbekistan – Newly obtained camera trap images have provided the very first photographic evidence of snow leopards in the central Asian country of Uzbekistan.

17 Dec

Panthera’s Snow Leopard Selfie Featured on Live Science


Human ‘selfies’ are all the rage this year (photos of oneself, taken by oneself), and recently Live Science gave a nod to the ‘Best Wild Animal Selfies’ in a new photo gallery published here. Among the ‘best wild animal selfies’ is this great camera trap photo taken through the Panthera-Fauna & Flora International snow leopard conservation project carried out in Tajikistan.

13 Sep

The Explorers’ Club Dinner and Presentation with Panthera President Dr. Luke Hunter


The leopard is the quintessential cat: stealthy, secretive and adaptable. It is able to exist in virtually all habitats from hyper-arid desert massifs in the Sahara to the dense equatorial forests of central Africa - the only African cat that occurs in both. The leopard eats prey ranging from dung beetles to wildebeest, and survives on domestic dogs near major cities; it can drink water from thermal springs and traverse Kilimanjaro’s snowline. However, all this adaptability comes at a price - the leopard occupies a conservation blind-spot, and is rarely thought of as threatened or needing conservation action. But the species has lost over 35% of its historic range in Africa and far more again throughout Asia.

12 Sep

Panthera’s Snow Leopard Program Coordinator, Tanya Rosen, Highlighted in IUCN’s ‘Women and the Environment’ Segment


This month, through their ‘Women and the Environment’ segment, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is turning the spotlight on some of the inspirational women who are working in conservation and sustainable development. Some are hands-on practitioners while others are dedicating their efforts to promoting the importance of gender equality in environmental policy making.

05 Sep

Press Release: Tibetan Monasteries Serve as Critical Allies for Snow Leopards


New York, NY – A Panthera co-authored study published last week confirms the critical role of Tibetan-Buddhist monasteries in the fight to conserve the endangered snow leopard.

29 Aug

Snow Leopard on the “Roof of the World” Wins Photo Contest


The Pamir mountains of Tajikistan have been known since Victorian times as the “Roof of the World”. Epitomizing that image, the snow leopard in this camera trap photo surveys his realm from the lofty peaks of the Pamirs. It was enough to catch the eye of voters in the camera trap photo contest, where the picture won Shannon Kachel 1st place in the International category. Today, Shannon studies as a graduate student at the University of Delaware and leads a Panthera-funded study of snow leopards and trophy hunting of their prey in the Pamirs. Congratulations Shannon!

08 Aug

Photo of the Day

S. Kachel/Panthera/Academy of Sciences Tajikistan/U. Delaware

Panthera has just submitted this gorgeous camera trap photo of a wild snow leopard in Tajikistan to the Trailcampro 2013 Photo Contest!

Vote for this photo (#19) now to help Panthera's Snow Leopard Program win Trailcampro's premium camera traps to monitor wild snow leopards and their prey.

Learn more about Panthera's Snow Leopard Conservation Program and our snow leopard conservation work in Tajikistan.

16 Jul

Photo of the Day

Shan Shui/Panthera/SLT

Enjoy our photo of the day of a gorgeous snow leopard peering back at a camera trap in Soujia, China. This image was captured near one of Panthera's main study sites where, in collaboration with local NGO, Shan Shui, and the Snow Leopard Trust, camera traps are placed to monitor snow leopard behavior and assess population numbers in the area. Learn more about Panthera's Snow Leopard Conservation program.

17 Jun

Panthera Awards Second Winston Cobb Memorial Fellowship Benefiting Tajikistan’s Snow Leopards


Last year, the Winston Cobb Memorial Fellowship was launched to support the professional growth of early career wild cat conservationists. Created by Panthera supporter Rami Cobb, the annual Fellowship awards $10,000 to an exceptional young conservationist to undertake a three to six month field-based wild cat conservation internship.