Snow Leopard

09 Feb

Mosquito Wars: A Day in the Life of a Jaguar Field Scientist


It’s not all cat-fancy working to save big cats in the wild. In fact, our field researchers undergo some pretty harsh conditions – and the wet season in the Pantanal, the world’s largest wetland in Brazil, is no exception. The Pantanal can flood as high as 8 meters during the rainy season (October – April) – conditions in which mosquitoes thrive. But Panthera’s field scientists understand that there’s no off-season for saving cats. Check out this video of Dr.

08 Feb

Send a Panthera E-Card this Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we have the perfect gift for your loved ones – a Panthera e-card! Our e-cards feature beautiful photographs of big cats with Valentine’s Day messages that you can personalize for a minimum of a $5 donation per e-card. Choose your card now and let your special someone know that you care about them, and big cats!

06 Dec

Latest PopTech Conference “PopCast” with Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, David de Rothschild and Susan Casey

See video

Last week we shared the video “popcast” of Dr. Alan Rabinowitz’s presentation at the 2010 PopTech Conference in November.  Now, we’d like to share another interesting PopTech video of the Q&A session in which Dr. Rabinowitz participated alongside fellow PopTech presenters David de Rothschild and Susan Casey. Watch this video now to hear the panelists discuss the relationship between fear, risk, passion and failure in their careers, what the conservation world needs to succeed and Dr.

03 Dec

A Holiday Message from Dr. Alan Rabinowitz

Snow Leopard

Read a message from Panthera President and CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, and learn about what you can do this holiday season to help Panthera save big cats, including making a contribution to Panthera in honor of someone. This gift will enable Panthera to further help protect big cats around the world, and will be remembered long after other presents are forgotten. Happy Holidays!

02 Dec

Exclusive Panthera/SLT Snow Leopard Videos on TreeHugger


TreeHugger has just released three incredible videos of snow leopards taken by Panthera and the Snow Leopard Trust’s camera traps in South Gobi, Mongolia.  These videos are actually a group of camera trap images taken about a half second apart.

30 Nov

Just Released: PopTech Video Presentation by Dr. Alan Rabinowitz

See video

Last month, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz presented at the 2010 PopTech Conference in Camden, Maine to discuss “Brilliant Accidents, Necessary Failures and Improbable Breakthroughs” in the wild cat conservation field. PopTech has just released a video of Alan’s presentation to the public – a lecture for which he received one of only three of the conference’s standing ovations!

10 Nov

Let the Lion Guardian Games Begin!

Lion guardians

This year the Panthera supported Living with Lions program held the first-ever Lion Guardian Games – an exciting tournament in which the Lion Guardians, Maasai traditional warriors, - competed in three events, including stick and spear throwing and soccer. Watch a video and see a photo gallery of the Guardians participating in the events and celebrating their achievements with traditional Maasai festivities!

10 Nov

Trekking with Tom: Learning about India’s Homestays

Homestay owner

Yesterday, you got a glimpse inside a traditional (and colorful) Indian homestay – a kind of temporary housing that supports tourism in India’s small villages by putting a roof over the heads of eco-tourists (like Snow Leopard Program Executive Director, Dr. Tom McCarthy), and helps offset the cost of homestay owners’ livestock losses caused by snow leopards. Watch Tom’s interesting interview with a local homestay owner to learn how operating a homestay allows one woman to provide for her children and how she feels about hunting snow leopards.

04 Nov

Trekking with Tom: How Eco-Tourism is Helping India’s Villages

Parabolic Heater

Today, we want to take you inside a traditional Indian homestay to show you where Dr. Tom McCarthy stayed during his research trip to Rumbak Village. See the colorful tea pots and furniture that adorns one homestay and learn about how this Himalayan homestay project is operated for tourists, particularly eco-tourists like Tom, using numerous houses throughout the village. Also get a glimpse at a parabolic heater provided to the village’s homestays and cafes that allows villagers to heat their food and water without using a good deal of their local fuels.

01 Nov

Trekking with Tom: Up Close with a Predator Proof Corral

Predator proof corral

We begin this week’s “Trekking with Tom” posts with an up close look at a predator proof corral in India’s Rumbak Village. Listen to Tom explain how these corrals are made, and how something as simple as mesh wiring prevents snow leopards from getting into enclosures.  Local villagers who predator-proof their corrals, are finding it easier to live with snow leopards. Which benefits everyone, including the snow leopard!

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