Snow Leopard

27 Oct

Behind the Scenes: A Fashion Show in Tajikistan – “Trekking with Tom” Blog Series

Tajik men with hats

For our third “Trekking with Tom” blog post, we wanted to share a short video of a group of men sharing a typical meal in Tajikistan. The meal takes place in a beautifully adorned room involving four men eating, talking, having tea….and trying on hats, of course! Take a peek at this video to learn about traditional Tajik dress, including fashionable hats known as toqis, and the elaborate rugs and wall hangings that make up this home’s colorful décor.

26 Oct

Tea with Tom – “Trekking with Tom” Blog Series

Tajikistan interview

Yesterday, we introduced the “Trekking with Tom” blog series that will be used over the coming weeks to share photos, videos and tales from Dr. Tom McCarthy, Panthera’s Snow Leopard Program Executive Director’s, research trip through Tajikistan and India this summer. On the second day of the journey, we bring you Tom’s fascinating interview with a local herder who has lived in a remote village in Tajikistan for 76 years and whose father was the number one hunter in the region (over tea, of course). Watch this short interview to learn about one Tajikistan man’s rules for hunting and to hear stories about the relationships his family has had with snow leopards - their “hunting brothers.”

25 Oct

Blog Series: “Trekking with Tom” through Tajikistan and India’s Snow Leopard Country

Boy holding goat

This summer, Panthera’s Snow Leopard Program Director, Dr. Tom McCarthy, spent one month travelling through Tajikistan and India – 2 of the 12 snow leopard range states – to gather ecological data on the regions’ snow leopard populations, build Panthera’s partnerships with local conservation organizations and local communities, and identify the key threats currently facing snow leopards as part of Panthera’s range-wide snow leopard conservation program. Tom documented his journey with a high-definition Flip video camera and digital camera, in order to bring you, our supporters, along into the field and share some of the work we are doing to protect snow leopards.

20 Oct

NEW DEVELOPMENT: Historic Study of Snow Leopards Doubles in Size With Collaring of 12th Cat

Snow Leopard

Along with scientists from the Snow Leopard Trust, Panthera’s wild cat researchers have just successfully collared our twelfth snow leopard in the Tost Mountains of South Gobi, Mongolia. With the collaring of this female cat, the South Gobi team is now tracking twice the number of cats ever monitored in any previous study of snow leopards.

04 Oct

Video of Three Wild Snow Leopard Cubs on the Move

See video

An exciting video was taken in August at the Tost Mountain study area in South Gobi, Mongolia where Panthera and the Snow Leopard Trust are collaborating on the first ever long-term study of snow leopards. We believe these three snow leopards may be siblings that are approximately two years old, and have recently left their mother but are still traveling together.

22 Jul

A Voice for the Animals: A Speaking of Faith Interview with Dr. Alan Rabinowitz

Dr. Alan Rabinowitz
Jaguar peeping through grass

Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, Panthera’s President and CEO, was recently featured on American Public Media's Speaking of Faith program. Download the podcast to hear Dr. Rabinowitz discuss his wildlife conservation crusade to give “A Voice for the Animals."

05 Apr

Huffington Post Cat Tales: A Night in the Wild

Dr. George Schaller
Snow leopard profile, Ladakh, India

Last October, Panthera gathered stories from our scientists, researchers, and partners to document their favorite encounters with big cats in the wild. This month, read world-renowned conservationist and Panthera Vice President George Schaller's tale of a night spent under falling snow to capture the rare sight of a female snow leopard in the wild.

01 Mar

Huffington Post Cat Tales: Life Around Us

Dr. Tom McCarthy
Snow leopard walking along a mountain trail, Ladakh, India

Last October, Panthera gathered stories from our scientists, researchers, and partners to document their favorite encounters with big cats in the wild. This month, read our Director of Snow Leopard Programs Tom McCarthy's account of a sighting that still moves him, twelve years later.

30 Jul

From Desktop to Mountaintop - The Reality of Apple's Newest Icon

Snow leopard scratching against a rock, Ladakh, India

While some of you may know the snow leopard from the amazing chase sequence in the BBC Planet Earth series, most people think 'snow leopard' pertains to Apple's latest Operating System, or the brutal and ruthless villain, Tai Lung, from last year's smash hit Kung Fu Panda. Well, snow leopards are nothing akin to Operating Systems -- nor are they brutal and ruthless in any shape or form.

20 Jun

The Quest for One of the Most Elusive Cats in the World

Steve Winter
A female snow leopard, "Eureka," and her three cubs caught on camera, South Gobi

The snow leopard is one of the most elusive cats in the world. As few as 3,500 of them may still roam the harsh, forbidding mountains of Central Asia. No one knows for sure.