Al Jazeera America Features Panthera’s Jaguar Videos

Sunday, September 29, 2013 - 7:30pm - 8:00pm

On Sunday, September 29th, Al Jazeera America’s TechKnow program will air a new segment on the elusive jaguar, hosted by Phil Torres, including Panthera’s footage of wild jaguars in Latin America. Learn about the Americas’ largest big cat, including how Panthera’s scientists and other field biologists use camera traps and other research tools to monitor jaguar populations throughout Central and South America and learn how to better protect the species across its range.

See channel details below and tune in to TechKnow at 7:30pm EST/4:30pm PT this Sunday, September 29th:

  • COMCAST – Channel 107
  • DIRECT TV – Channel 358
  • DISH TV - Channel 215
  • FIOS – 192
  • VERIZON – Channel 114

Learn more about Panthera’s Jaguar Corridor Initiative.

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