WICN Radio Interview with Panthera VP Dr. George Schaller

Sunday, March 31, 2013 - 9:00pm - 10:00pm
WICN Radio

Tune in to WICN’s radio program, 'Inquiry' at 9:00pm EST on Sunday, March 31st, to hear Panthera’s Vice President, Dr. George Schaller, discuss his latest book, Tibet Wild: A Naturalist's Journeys to the Roof of the World.

Dr. Schaller will discuss the content and creation of ‘Tibet Wild,’ including his three decades of exploration in the most remote stretches of Tibet: the wide, sweeping rangelands of the Chang Tang and the hidden canyons and plunging ravines of the southeastern forests. Drawing from his acclaimed book, Dr. Schaller will illustrate the daily struggles that he faced as a field biologist trying to traverse the impenetrable Chang Tang, discover the calving grounds of the chiru or Tibetan antelope, and understand the movements of the enigmatic snow leopard. In addition, he will explain the clash between wildlife and people that he witnessed as changes in the region accelerated over the years, including the development of more roads, homes, and grazing livestock.

Tune in to learn about Dr. Schaller’s work with local communities, regional leaders, and national governments to protect the unique ecological richness and culture of the Tibetan Plateau.

Order your copy of ‘Tibet Wild’ through Island Press or from Amazon.com.

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