Liz Claiborne Art Ortenberg Jaguar Research Grant Program

The Winter 2014 application round for the LCAO Jaguar Research Grants is now closed. The application process for the Summer 2014 round will open on June 1, 2014. Letters of Inquiry may be submitted from June 1 through July 1, 2014.

The LCAOF Jaguar Research Grants Program is a partnership between the Liz Claiborne Art Ortenberg Foundation and Panthera that supports in situ conservation projects on jaguars for up to $12,000 per year.

Species and Location

The LCAO Jaguar Research Grant Program are limited to conservation work and research on jaguars. Only proposals for conservation research and projects at sites within the Jaguar Conservation Units and corridors identified by Panthera will be considered. Projects that are directly related to corridor validation and conflict mitigation will be given priority.



Applications may be made by individuals or institutions. In the case of institutions, the project leader must be identified and must submit the proposal. Application is open to all qualified candidates but projects led by country nationals or in-country NGOs will be given priority. Awards are made for one year. Multi-year projects are encouraged, but renewal of funding after the first year will be decided on the basis of progress and results, as well as plans for the ongoing work. Funding for subsequent years is not guaranteed.

Budget Items

Grant amounts vary: the maximum award is $12,000 per year. Preference will be given to requests for support for field conservation and research activities, including equipment, transportation, local salaries, etc.

Panthera does not support:

  • Conferences
  • Travel to scientific meetings
  • Legal actions
  • Overhead costs
  • Captive breeding

Panthera will consider salaries, per diems and stipends for local field personnel only. We will not fund salaries for core administrative and management personnel. Support for graduate studies (tuition, bursaries, university living costs, etc.) will generally not be considered by the Jaguar Research Grant Program. Panthera will not consider large requests for expensive first world university tuition, except in exceptional cases where the applicants are nationals from developing countries; and provide convincing rationales that the institutions will provide critical graduate training that is not available in their home country.

* All awards are granted for one year, funding for subsequent years is NOT guaranteed. Multi-year projects are encouraged but funding for subsequent years will be determined based on the progress and results of Year 1 activities.

Evaluation Criteria

Projects are evaluated on a competitive basis. Letters of Inquiry and applications are reviewed by Panthera staff and Panthera’s Cat Advisory Council, and may be sent for external review. Projects are evaluated in terms of the:

  • Potential contributions to wild cat conservation
  • Scientific merit and value
  • Qualifications of the Principal Investigator

How to Apply

The application process opens with a call for Letters of Inquiry (LOIs), due one month after the opening date. The LOI asks for the title and location of the proposed project, the target species, the project budget and the amount requested from Panthera, and an abstract of the project. Students who submit LoIs for projects that appear to be a good fit for the program will be asked to submit a full application and supporting documents. Both LoIs and applications must be submitted though Panthera’s grant management system, Foundant, accessed through the green button at the bottom of this page.

Grant application timeline

There are two KAP grant cycles each year.

  • Open calls for LOIs: January 1 and June 1
  • LOI deadlines: February 1 and July 1
  • Invitations for full applications sent out: early March and early August
  • Application deadlines: April 1 and October 1
  • Decisions Announced: June 15 and November 15

*Please read all Application Instructions thoroughly first before applying.

To work offline, please download the application instructions and the following templates:

Please note that these templates are only a portion of the application. In order to be considered for funding, submit a complete online application using the Click Here to Apply button.

If you are seeking renewal for a previous grant, please contact us directly.


Jeanne Bergman
Program Officer
8 West 40th Street, 18th Floor
New York, NY 10018

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