Let Lions Live

In May 2011, through the Let Lions Live campaign, Panthera’s supporters donated over $30,000 to protect the last 30,000 lions in Africa. These donations were matched dollar for dollar. Thank you for helping Panthera reach this goal & ensuring a future for Africa’s lions.

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Let Lions Live

Lions are vanishing across Africa, fewer than 30,000 remain. Join the fight to let lions live. Help Panthera protect the last 30,000 lions by donating to the Let Lions Live campaign. All donation will go directly to the field to help Panthera save the world’s remaining lions. Every dollar counts.

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The lion is known as one of Africa's most iconic animals. Few people realize, however, that lions are currently listed as "Vulnerable” by the IUCN, and in West and Central Africa, the species is now classified as “Endangered.” Lions have vanished from over 80 percent of their historic range and surveys estimate that fewer than 30,000 lions remain in the wild. Yet hope remains for the lion. Panthera is working to ensure a future for the species through Project Leonardo.

Africa’s lions face a three-fold threat:

  • Retaliatory persecution by herders and farmers who perceive lions as a threat to their livelihoods. Lions are coming into increasingly closer contact with humans, as their habitat is converted for hu­man use, and livestock replaces their natural prey
  • Habitat loss and fragmentation due to an ever-expanding agricultural frontier. This is confining lions to isolated islands of habitat, increasing their risk of extinction
  • Overhunting of wild prey by humans. When wild prey are over-hunted by people, lions are forced to feed on livestock, especially when cattle are poorly managed and not actively herded. This establishes a viscious cycle in which lions are forced to prey on livestock, driving further conflicct with humans in which the lion ultimately loses.

Through Project Leonardo Panthera is protecting the last of Africa’s majestic lions. Project Leonardo is empowering local communities to mitigate human-lion conflicts by improving their livestock management practices, reducing illegal hunting of lions and encouraging villagers to tap into conservation’s financial and social benefits. In partnership with the Living with Lions organization, Panthera is also carrying out the Lion Guardians program to train local Maasai warriors to mitigate human-lion conflict and monitor the lions of southern Kenya.

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