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Nina Siemiatkowski
  • Getting closer...
  • One of the first handheld photos of a living African golden cat
  • Boy clutching his best briend - a goat, Tajikistan
  • MM7231_060722_1701_0487
  • Jaguar Rosettes
  • Snow leopard emerging from the shadows - Ladakh, India
  • Snow leopard mother and cub on the move
  • View of Rumbak Village, India
  • Google's owner and trainer, Javier Carazo, with Google at La Selva Biological Station
  • Snow leopard - Ladakh, India
  • Shinejh the snow leopard takes a drink
  • Lion cub and lioness snoozing
  • Jaguar resting near a riverbank - Brazilian Pantanal
  • Camera trap photo of a wild snow leopard in Tajikistan
  • A beautiful snow leopard inspecting a camera trap in Khunjerab National Park, within the Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan
  • Panthera Field Technician Ever Urbina preparing lumber for the enclosure
  • Lama arrives at religious festival, India