Latest Photos

Nina Siemiatkowski
  • Lion chasing a Zebra
  • A stunning shot of a male jaguar near Fazenda Porto Jofre - Pantanal, Brazil
  • Forming the beams of the enclosure (and tight rope walking)
  • Floppin' around
  • Chatting by the river
  • Forest to ashes
  • Curious giant otters
  • Caiman & Cattle. A little too close for comfort...
  • Young leopard relaxing
  • Caiman
  • Colorful flags at Pike Peak Summit
  • Shembe followers dressed in leopard skins
  • Tiger mom and cub resting in Bandhavgarh National Park, India
  • Mingati Ole Munke receives the award for "Lion Guardian with Biggest Impact on the Project"
  • The Faceoff
  • MM7231_070129_1704_9097
  • Lion cubs wrestling