Latest Photos

Nina Siemiatkowski
  • Camo crocodile
  • Himalayan mountains
  • Poachers apprehended by local authorities
  • Close up view of Lion Guardian Kamunu Saitoti jumping
  • Colorful truck in Leh, India
  • Snow leopard mother and cub on the move
  • Panthera Kaplan scholar Laila Bahaa-el-din with field assistant Arthur Dibambo
  • Forming the beams of the enclosure (and tight rope walking)
  • Young leopard relaxing
  • A close up view of the Maasai Lion Guardians' wardrobe
  • A handsome leopard walking in South Africa's Thanda Private Game Reserve
  • Google's owner and trainer, Javier Carazo, with Google at La Selva Biological Station
  • Google undergoing training
  • Locals walking through a field
  • Rangers on patrol
  • Passing off a beam for the roof of the enclosure
  • Jaguar stalking