Latest Photos

Panthera/Ezemvelo KwaZulu-Natal Wildlife
  • A local market, Tajikistan
  • MM7231_070128_1437_8930
  • Thatch burning
  • And the Games are over - Lion Guardians resting their feet
  • A jaguar's profile - Brazilian Pantanal
  • A lioness peering at her mate
  • Dr. Alan Rabinowitz sets a camera trap
  • Mother Tiger and Cub
  • Tiger cub crouching
  • A very thirsty girl drinking water, Tajikistan
  • Trekking through the jungle to make it to the mountains
  • A cheetah mother and her two cubs in South Africa's Phinda Private Game Reserve
  • Forming the beams of the enclosure (and tight rope walking)
  • Fertilizing tea plants
  • The final steps
  • MM7231_060721_1736_0380
  • The Lion Guardian gang