Latest Photos

Steve Winter/National Geographic
  • Handsome cougar in Montana taken by Panthera's Media Director, Steve Winter
  • Another view of the parachute cafe at the Daisy camping site, India
  • Camouflaged tiger
  • Jaguar resting in the shade
  • A couple Lion Guardians just hanging around
  • Poachers apprehended by local authorities
  • Shembe followers dressed in leopard skins, South Africa
  • And the Games are over - Lion Guardians resting their feet
  • A regal Google training in Sueño Azul
  • Rancher in the Pantanal
  • Predator proof corral, Tajikistan
  • Close up photo of snow leopard mother and cub
  • Male lion at sunset
  • Hyacinth macaws
  • Jaguar swimming in the Brazilian Pantanal
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  • MM7231_060722_1701_0487