Latest Photos

Nina Siemiatkowski
  • MM7231_070214_1406_9165
  • Market in Leh, India
  • Rafael Monge's farm with a brand new addition
  • MM7231_070312_1733_5395 (1)
  • Lioness grooming her cub
  • Panthera Field Technician Ever Urbina preparing lumber for the enclosure
  • Snow leopard against a mountain backdrop - Ladakh, India
  • Dr. Rabinowitz explaining the jaguar collaring process
  • Javier Carazo, Google's owner and trainer, Carlos Orozco, and Google posing for the camera
  • A carefully camouflaged snow leopard in Khunjerab National Park, Pakistan
  • Khasha the snow leopard sniffs a rock
  • Examining the jaguar's tail length and skull size
  • Pike Peak Summit
  • Panthera Leopard Program Coordinator Tristan Dickerson collaring a leopard
  • Two cuddly lions in Zimbabwe
  • Tiger walking through bamboo, Kanha National Park, India
  • Dr. Thomas Kaplan & Dr. Alan Rabinowitz talking with Bob Simon and other CBS crew members