Latest Photos

Nina Siemiatkowski
  • Getting a shot of the wetlands, a neat bridge, and the locals
  • A rare camera trap photo of a wild tiger chasing a porcupine in the Indian Terai
  • Giant otter on riverbank
  • Running lion
  • Giant otters resting on a fallen tree
  • Two monks setting up and testing a camera trap in China's Qinghai province
  • A stunning shot of a male jaguar near Fazenda Porto Jofre - Pantanal, Brazil
  • Inquisitive Leopard in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia
  • Colorful flags at Pike Peak Summit
  • Eric and Kamunu battle it out
  • Lion chasing a Zebra
  • Dancing at Shembe ceremony in leopard skins
  • African wild dogs playing
  • Curious Lion Cubs
  • Hurling the stick
  • Lion Guardian Mokoi Lekanayia throws his stick
  • BBC "Lost Land of the Tiger" Expedition Team