Latest Photos

Adam Rubin
  • Predator proof corral, Tajikistan
  • African golden cat - Kibale National Park, Uganda
  • Tiger cub sitting on a rock
  • Hyacinth macaws
  • Panthera colleagues atop an elephant observing a "Tiger tree" in Manas Tiger Reserve, India
  • Beam foundation of the livestock enclosure
  • Dr. Howard Quigley & Dr. Alan Rabinowitz examine a jaguar as Bob Simon looks on
  • African golden cat sniffing the root where the chimpanzee sat
  • Meeting a local villager, India
  • Panthera President, Dr. Luke Hunter, with a 3.5 week old lynx kitten
  • Smiling Tiger
  • For he's a jolly good fellow
  • Waiting for the games to begin
  • Jaguar in the Pantanal
  • Tiger tracks in the sand of a dry river bed in Manas Tiger Reserve, India
  • Elephant on an afternoon stroll
  • Snow leopard camouflage - Ladakh, India