Other Partners

Aid for Africa

Panthera is a proud member of Aid for Africa. This coalition of nonprofit organizations that serve the people, animals, and landscape of Africa recognizes that we can leverage our limited resources by working together. To learn more about Aid for Africa, please visit www.aidforafrica.org.

Bare Essentials Magazine

Bare Essentials is an open access publication that combines adventure lifestyle topics with wildlife conservation and environmental science – providing unique insight from adventurers, photographers, scientists, explorers and world experts on a variety of inspirational, innovative and vital topics. Bare Essentials’ integrated approach includes research articles, perspectives, photographic features and editorials.


Cans4Cats was established to raise funds to support big cat conservation. Cans4Cats began by collecting aluminum cans from neighbors, crushing them and then turning them in to a recycling center. Efforts have expanded to include tee-shirt and toy sales as well as other activities. Funds raised through Cans4Cats are donated to Panthera. Cans4Cats continues to find innovative ways to raise money for wild cat conservation.


Climb for Conservation

Climb for Conservation is a non-profit organization that has partnered with Panthera to raise support for Panthera’s Jaguar Corridor Initiative and increase awareness about the plight of the jaguar. The mission of Climb for Conservation is to inspire people around the world to climb mountains and fundraise for local conservation issues.

David Mayer Sculpture

David Mayer is a sculptor whose love of wildlife has encouraged him to choose animals as the subjects of his artwork. David’s bronze sculptures portray a variety of animal forms, including jaguars, leopards, elephants, otters, hares and many other species. In order to help conserve the animals upon which his artwork is based, David has volunteered to donate 10% of proceeds earned from the sale of his 'Lion,' ‘Jaguar,’ and ‘Leopard’ sculptures to Panthera, and to a variety of other conservation organizations.

Read more about this partnership.


Jeep Apparel

Now through July 31st, Panthera is partnering with Jeep Apparel to raise funding and awareness about the state of South Africa’s leopards using exclusive leopard t-shirts! Jeep Apparel has created Men’s and Ladies t-shirts, featured below, with beautiful images of leopards, a ‘Save Our Leopards’ message and Panthera’s logo. These t-shirts are available for purchase at select Jeep stockists in South Africa, and 10 rand from the sale of each t-shirt will be donated to Panthera to support our leopard conservation initiatives. When you buy a leopard t-shirt, you can also enter to win a 5-star ‘bush getaway’ at South Africa’s Kuzoku Lodge worth 20,000 rand.

Jennifer Brasington-Crowley

Panthera’s partner, Jennifer Brasington-Crowley, has recently created a children’s book series entitled Lyndsay and Lainey Lion books, which chronicle two sister lion cubs who live in the animal hospital at the Sunnyville City Zoo. The books’ stories entertain and educate children and parents on animals and their conservation. A percentage of proceeds from the sale of each book will be donated directly to Panthera’s tiger and lion conservation efforts.

Order books through this page to have proceeds donated to Panthera.


John Jagger

John Jagger has been a full time professional sculptor for over 45 years, and big cats have been used as subjects for much of his artwork, now displayed in various cities throughout the United States and internationally. Mr. Jagger has generously offered to donate proceeds from the sale of two of his sculptures – “Sweet Dreams” and “Jaguar Head” – to support Panthera’s global wild cat conservation programs.

For more information, Mr. Jagger can be contacted direclty at jaggersculpture@gmail.com. View a selection of Mr. Jagger's last large sculpture contract at www.Sculpterra.com.

Michael Vickers

Michael Vickers is a wildlife photographer with a passion for tiger conservation. Amongst other countries he has visited, Michael travels each year to a number of tiger reserves throughout India, where in their natural habitat he continues to follow the lives of the tiger families that he has come to know well over time.

Paul Cofrancesco

A percentage of the proceeds of local sculptor Paul Cofrancesco’s latest creation – Panthera tigris, a bronze tiger sculpture innovatively utilizing both positive and negative space – will be donated to Panthera. Paul’s interest in the species and commitment to their conservation is clearly evident with this pledge, and we are grateful for his partnership. Please visit Paul’s website to see more photos of the sculpture and peruse his other works.


Richard Mahler, Author, The Jaguar's Shadow

Richard Mahler is an independent journalist and author of the book, The Jaguar's Shadow: Searching for a Mythic Cat. Mahler has pledged to split 10 percent of book royalties between Panthera and the Wildlife Conservation Society.


Sibel Hodge

Panthera’s partner, author Sibel Hodge, has recently published a new book, entitled ‘The See-Through-Leopard,’ which tells the story of a 16 year old girl as she moves from England to a Kenyan game reserve, and her adventures after finding an orphaned leopard cub. A percentage of proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated directly to Panthera’s anti-poaching efforts around the world.

Learn more about ‘The See-Through-Leopard.’

Tigre Blanc Vodka

Vist Tigre Blanc Vodka's Website

Tracey Kidston

Tracey Kidston is a professional wildlife photographer that has a passionate commitment to documenting wildlife in their natural habitat. She is actively involved with a number of wildlife research and conservation projects and helps support these projects through the sale of her images. As a special offering to Panthera, Tracey has created a gallery of images in which 50% of the proceeds will be donated directly to support Panthera’s wild cat conservation projects.


WildLeaks is the first whistleblower initiative dedicated to Wildlife and Forest Crime, and has partnered with Panthera to support its mission to receive and evaluate confidential information regarding wildlife crimes and transform them into concrete actions.