Wildlife Conservation Trust


The Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) has partnered with Panthera on a new global alliance for wild cat conservation. Formed with environmental philanthropists from China, India, the United Arab Emirates and the United States, this alliance guarantees a 10-year commitment that will support the most effective solutions for conserving wild cats.

WCT currently works in 100 National Parks and Sanctuaries of India across 17 states. With over 3.5 million people living inside tiger reserves and several hundred million dependent on natural ecosystems, communities cannot be separated from conservation. Thus, WCT lays equal emphasis on wildlife conservation and community development. With communities, WCT focusses on health, public education and livelihoods. Within forests, WCT ensures that field staff have the best equipment and training to carry out their duties. In addition, WCT conducts scientific research to push for more robust wildlife management policies.
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