Andrea Heydlauff, MS

Senior Vice President

Andrea Heydlauff joined Panthera in 2007 as the founding employee and now serves as Panthera's Senior Vice President. Up until early 2014, Andrea oversaw the operations of the organization, including fundraising, communications and media programs, outreach and education, government, donor and other partner relations, as well as played an active role in developing Panthera’s Tiger Program. Since January 2010, she has created and overseen the entire communications effort for Panthera, including traditional and digital multi-media. Andrea also creates films for local and international audiences to advance wild cat conservation; including the award winning short film called “My Pantanal” which won the International Wildlife Film Festival in Montana, Wild Talk Africa in Cape Town, and was a finalist at Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.

Before coming to Panthera, Andrea served as the Tiger Program Coordinator for the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), where she coordinated the Panthera-WCS Tigers Forever program, and was a researcher and author on the WCS, World Wildlife Fund, and Save the Tiger Fund Tiger Conservation Landscape project: Setting Priorities for the Conservation and Recovery of Wild Tigers: 2005 – 2015. Born in England, Andrea earned her B.A. in British Literature and M.Sc. in Wildlife Biology from the University of Arizona (2003). Her Master’s thesis focused on mitigating conflicts among humans, cattle and elk. Her interests and areas of expertise lie heavily in human dimensions of conservation, community engagement, communications and education, and effective and creative storytelling – all of which are critical in conserving the world’s wild cats.


  • (2010) My Pantanal: Award winning film written and directed by Andrea Heydlauff, produced by Panthera.

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