Chris Cline, MSc

Chief Technologist
Chris Cline

Joining in January 2013, Chris Cline serves as Panthera’s Chief Technologist. He joins Panthera’s team with an MSc degree in mechanical engineering from Columbia University and over 25 years of experience with IBM Corporation in the research and development of electrical measurement instrumentation and control of high speed robotics.

Mr. Cline's work with Panthera began in 2007 when, on a volunteer basis, he and two other IBM engineers undertook the development of a specialized camera trap for Panthera’s Tigers Forever program. To date, over 5,700 of these high-tech camera traps, or Pantheracams, have been produced, assisting Panthera’s field staff in the critical monitoring of both tiger and jaguar populations, and their prey species, along with the effectiveness of Panthera’s conservation efforts. Chris’s work is currently focused on extending the functionality of Panthera’s v4 camera trap by incorporating GSM wireless technology and image processing to detect and report potential poaching threats in real time.