Dale Miquelle

Dale Miquelle has been leading research and conservation efforts on the Amur tiger and Far Eastern leopard since 1992. Working first for the Hornocker Wildlife Institute, and then as Director of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Russia Program, Miquelle has overseen the longest running field research project on tigers ever conducted, and has been a principal voice in conserving wild felids of the region. Miquelle has led range-wide surveys in Russia, and the first comprehensive surveys of tigers in Northeast China. He assisted in the creation of new protected areas in both China and Russia, and has provided a vision for recovery of tigers across Northeast Asia. Efforts to understand the status and ecology of the Far Eastern leopard, and to conserve this highly endangered population, has been a second, but no less important focus of his efforts over the past 12 years. More recently his efforts have focused on developing the next generation of felid conservationists in the region by creating the Sikhote-Alin Research Center and developing an internationally recognized research and training program that engages an international cadre of students.