Daniela Araya

Field Scientist, Costa Rica Jaguar Program

Born in San Jose, Costa Rica, Daniela Araya serves as a Field Scientist for Panthera’s Costa Rica Jaguar Program. Daniela received her Bachelor of Arts in Biology, with a concentration in Tropical Biology, from the National University of Costa Rica while working as an Environmental Advisor within the Campanario Biological Station’s Educational Program Department near Corcovado National Park. Daniela also served as an Environmental Educator creating and leading environmental responsibility tours for students in Costa Rica’s National Parks and directed the Environmental Education programs for the Hacienda Pozo Azul Adventures tourism company.

Daniela currently assists with the maintenance and development of Panthera Costa Rica’s website, community outreach initiatives, including environmental workshops in local schools, and other administrative projects. In addition to her position with Panthera, Daniela serves as an Environmental Advisor for local ranch owners supporting wetland restoration, reforestation, community environmental education, green technology, and other initiatives through the Rancho Humo-Wetland Restoration Project.