Esteban Payan, PhD

Regional Director, Northern South America Jaguar Program

While based in Colombia, Esteban Payan is the Regional Director for Panthera’s operations in the northern region of South America. In this capacity, Esteban’s work focuses on reducing livestock depredation caused by jaguars and studying the impact of human communities on jaguar populations.

Born in Colombia and having attended school in the United States and the United Kingdom, Esteban is well-educated in the field of wild cat conservation. His biology thesis focused on jaguar and puma population genetics in Colombia.

In addition, Esteban received his Ph.D. at University College of London and the Institute of Zoology (Zoological Society of London) and conducted his dissertation on jaguar and ocelot density and ecology within and beyond protected areas in the Colombian Amazonia. While conducting this research, he also evaluated the sustainability of indigenous and colonist hunting of jaguars. Later, he worked as consultant on livestock depredation caused by carnivores in the central Andes Mountains.

Selected Publications Featuring Esteban Payan:

Selected Scientific Publications by Esteban Payan