Joe Smith, PhD

Director, Tiger Program

Currently based in Sumatra, Indonesia, Dr. Joe Smith serves as Panthera’s Tiger Program Director. Joe is working on Panthera’s Tigers Forever Program, currently a joint program with the Wildlife Conservation Society that aims to increase tiger populations in key sites by at least 50% over the next ten years. Joe’s work also currently involves the protection of tiger landscapes in the montane forests of northern and western Sumatra.

Originally from Cambridge, England, Joe’s fascination with natural history encouraged him to study Zoology at the University of Reading before moving to South America to run commercial expeditions and biodiversity surveys in Peru and Ecuador’s lowland and cloud forests. Later, he returned to school to receive his Master’s degree in Wild Animal Biology at the Royal Veterinary College and Institute of Zoology in London. This year, through Panthera’s Kaplan Graduate Awards Program, Joe completed his Ph.D. at London’s Imperial College, where his doctoral research examined the mammalian diversity of human-dominated landscapes and the distribution of tigers and their prey in Asia.

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