Lisanne Petracca, MS

Geospatial Analyst
Lisanne Petracca

Lisanne Petracca is the Geospatial Analyst for Panthera’s Landscape Analysis Lab. In this role, Lisanne uses site occupancy modeling to identify jaguar corridors in Central and South America and manages Panthera’s telemetry database of collared snow leopards and jaguars. Prior to serving as Panthera’s Geospatial Analyst, Lisanne directed field projects for Panthera in central and southern Belize, where her team conducted over 250 interviews with local people to determine the presence of jaguars and their prey species. Lisanne has also completed research under National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative, which gave her team the opportunity to conduct a lion survey in the Tete Province of Mozambique.

Lisanne recently completed her Masters degree in Environmental Management from Duke University, with a concentration in Ecosystem Science and Conservation. She also earned Certificates in Geospatial Analysis and International Development Policy. Prior to starting her coursework at Duke, Lisanne spent two years as an English and Science instructor in the Republic of the Marshall Islands, a place she still holds close to her heart.

Selected Scientific Publications