Luke Hunter, PhD


Luke Hunter is the President of Panthera and formerly headed the Wildlife Conservation Society's Great Cats Program. Hunter’s doctoral and post-doctoral research developed methods to reintroduce wild lions and cheetahs in Southern Africa. His current projects include the longest running ecological studies on African leopards, reducing human-lion conflict in Africa, and working with the Iranian Department of Environment to conserve Asiatic cheetahs and leopards. Hunter supervises graduate students working on carnivores around the world including leopards in India, African golden cats in Gabon and Uganda, and jaguars in Brazil. He has contributed to over 120 scientific papers and popular articles, and has written six books including Cheetah (2003), Cats of Africa: Behavior, Ecology and Conservation (2006) and Field Guide to Carnivores of the World (2011) which has been translated into Chinese, French and German editions. He is working on a new book, Handbook of Cats of the World.

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