Nereyda Estrada, MS

Project Biologist, Honduras Jaguar Program
Nereyda Estrada

Nereyda Estrada servers as a Project Biologist for Panthera’s Honduras Jaugar Program. Since 1993, she has developed experience in biological monitoring and mammal ecology. Nereyda previously worked in the Honduran Environmental Ministry (SERNA), the Honduran Forestry, Wildlife and Protected Areas Department (ICF) and in the National Environmental Prosecution Agency.

In recent years she has worked on conservation, research and planning projects for IRBIO-CCAD, CITES-Honduras, MIRA-USAID, CATIE-UNDP-GEF, along with related projects for the European Economic Community. Nereyda has participated in several international conservation workshops and courses in Japan, Malaysia, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and Central America. She graduated with a Master of Science degree from Costa Rican University (UCR) in 2005, and conducted her thesis research on the ecology of white-lipped peccaries within the Jaguar Program of ICOMVIS-UNA. Today, Nereyda also works on tapir conservation in Honduras, where she serves as the country coordinator for the IUCN-SSC Tapir Specialist Group.