Peter Lindsey, PhD

Policy Initiative Coordinator, Lion Program
Peter Lindsey

Dr. Peter Lindsey is the Policy Initiative Coordinator for Panthera’s Lion Program. Peter graduated with a PhD in Zoology from the University of Pretoria’s Mammal Research Institute in 2003. Peter’s PhD thesis assessed the social and economic determinants of success for conserving African wild dogs outside of protected areas in South Africa. Subsequently, he worked on the conservation of that endangered species in both Kenya and Zimbabwe. Since then, his expertise has broadened considerably, and has involved work on practical conservation issues as diverse as illegal hunting and the bush meat trade, trophy hunting, human-wildlife conflict, wildlife-based land uses, and predator conservation. This experience has involved work in six southern and East African countries, and has resulted in the publication of 30 scientific articles and implementation of a variety of practical conservation interventions. Peter’s experiences have conferred a particular expertise in conserving predators outside of protected areas, and reducing the edge-effects that affect them inside of parks.

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