Roberto Salom-Pérez, MS

Country Director, Costa Rica Jaguar Program and Regional Coordinator, Mesoamerica Program

Based in Costa Rica, Roberto Salom-Pérez is Panthera’s Mesoamerica Jaguar Program Coordinator. In this position, Roberto’s work has focused on identifying areas with the most vulnerable jaguar populations and building relationships with local communities to ensure the protection of jaguars and their required corridors. His work also involves determining the size of jaguar populations in unstudied regions of Mesoamerica and assisting in the development of jaguar conservation initiatives in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.

Growing up in San Jose, Costa Rica, Roberto developed a fascination for the Americas’ largest cat and began his study of the jaguar and other wildlife while attending the University of Costa Rica. During this time he was employed by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to carry out the country’s first jaguar census by installing camera traps in Corcovado National Park. Roberto went on to receive his Master’s degree at the University of Costa Rica.