Sanjay Gubbi

Tiger Program Coordinator
Sanjay Gubbi

Based in India, Sanjay Gubbi serves as Panthera’s Tiger Program Coordinator. Holding a Master’s Degree in Conservation Biology from the University of Kent and with years of experience working to save tigers in India, Sanjay maintains a strong understanding of the socio-economic and political aspects of tiger conservation.

Recently, Sanjay’s work has focused on reducing the impact of tiger habitat fragmentation, expansion of the Anshi-Dandeli Tiger Reserve, Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Cauvery, Someshwara and Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuaries, expansion of Bannerghatta National Park and the institution of new social security and welfare measures for forest watchers and guards serving in Karnataka’s protected areas. Through these projects, Sanjay works with a wide cross-section of people, including policy makers, media and social leaders, focusing in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, India.

Sanjay has also regularly conducted training workshops for print and electronic media and conservation enthusiasts, among others, to expand support for and enhance the public’s understanding of tiger conservation. He has additionally taught Wildlife Master’s program courses at the National Centre for Biological Sciences and the Wildlife Institute of India. Today, Sanjay sits on the State Wildlife Advisory Board, State Tiger Conservation Steering Committee and the Governing Council of Tiger Foundations of Karnataka State.

He has written and been featured in a number of articles focused on tiger conservation, and is especially keen on fostering wildlife conservation articles in local languages. Sanjay also received the 2011 Carl Zeiss Wildlife Conservation Award, Wildlife Conservation Society Recognition and additional awards. His Master’s dissertation received two international conservation awards as well.

Sanjay’s research interests lies in conservation science, policies, outreach and human-wildlife interactions.

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