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21 Apr
Drew Rush/National Geographic

Enjoy our precious photo of the day of a female cougar known as F59 monitored through Panthera’s Teton Cougar Project! F59 was one of five kittens born to F51 in her first litter and serves as a living legacy to her mother, who was recently killed by a local male cougar while defending her newest two kittens. Yesterday, our scientists reported that these two 7 month old kittens are alive and traveling together. Stay tuned for news on these kittens and other cougars monitored through the TCP. See incredible video footage and read about the incredible life and legacy of F51

10 Apr
Bivash Pandav/OETI/Panthera

Two tigers – one drinking and another quizzically investigating a camera trap – in India’s Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary in March 2013. Along with Lansdowne Division, Sonanadi acts as a critical corridor connecting tigers and other wildlife between Corbett Tiger Reserve and Rajaji National Park.

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03 Feb
Sebastian Kennerknecht

While working on assignment with Panthera, wildlife photographer Sebastian Kennerknecht recently took this stunning photo of a Bay Cat in Borneo. This image serves as the 1st high resolution photo taken of one of the world’s least-known & most endangered wild cats! Learn about the elusive Bay Cat & Panthera's work to conserve it @ Also check out a LiveScience article @ & Discovery News article on this work @ Don't miss the LiveScience gallery of Bay Cat images @!

09 Jan
Luke Hunter/Panthera

Panthera's photo of the day shows a gorgeous leopard in Kafue National Park - the largest protected area in the southern African nation of Zambia & one of the most important national parks in Africa. Learn about Panthera's partnership with PUMA & Wilderness Safaris to protect big cats in this critical conservation area @

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13 Nov

What do you want to be when you grow up? How about a big cat conservationist?! Last week, Panthera's VP Andrea Heydlauff (@aheydlauff) spoke to 200 kids at the Tuxedo Park School about the story of saving cats - why they are threatened, what Panthera is doing about it, and what they could do too, now and in the future. Read what Colleen Schilly, the Primary School Division Head, had to say about it here: Want to know more about Panthera's VP? Read this great interview by Julia Worcester in Sanctuary Magazine:

Check out cool photos like this one taken by William Burrard-Lucas using a remote controlled 'BeetleCam' or buggy with a camera on top at and

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17 Oct

Enjoy our photo of the day of an inquisitive leopard inspecting a camera trap in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park, taken by Panthera’s partner photographer, William Burrard-Lucas. Check out cool photos taken by Burrard-Lucas using a remote controlled 'BeetleCam' or buggy with a camera on top at and

Learn about Panthera's leopard conservation work in South Africa.

See more wild cat photos on our Photo page and on Flickr.

30 Sep

Last week, we posted a sweet photo of a female leopard carrying her tiny cub in South Africa's Welgevonden Game Reserve, taken as part of Panthera's leopard conservation and monitoring work in Limpopo province. Here, we are sharing a camera trap photo of the OTHER side of this couple. Learn more about Panthera’s leopard conservation work @ and make a donation to support the future of the leopard @