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29 May
Ross Pitman/Panthera

The chase is on! A male leopard hunts a warthog in South Africa's Makalali Game Reserve. Last year, Panthera launched a long-term leopard monitoring program in Limpopo province, where these photos were snapped, in partnership with the Limpopo Dept of Economic Development, Environment & Tourism & the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Coordinated by Panthera’s Leopard Program Director, Dr. Guy Balme, & lead by Panthera Kaplan Scholar, Ross Tyzack Pitman, the Limpopo Leopard Project strives to track leopard population trends in Limpopo province over the next decade to glean comprehensive data on the status of the species, its primary threats and how to mitigate and best protect the leopards of Limpopo. Learn more about this project @

14 May
© Paul Funston/Panthera

Check out this adorable lion cub pic just shared by Panthera's Lion Program Senior Director, Dr. Paul Funston, from the Zambezi region of Namibia! Today, the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area is home to one of the largest lion populations in Africa. Given its significance for the future of the African lion, Panthera launched a lion conservation project in Zambezi this year with the Namibian Ministry of the Environment & the Kwando Carnivore Project. Read up on this cub's pride, consisting of two lionesses known by locals as ‘Thelma and Louise,’ other prides in the region and Panthera's work to protect them.

29 Apr
© Panthera Costa Rica

Check out and share this cool pic of a cougar catching a late night snack in Costa Rica's La Selva Biological Station. If you can make out what prey species is shown, share your answer below! Cougars have the largest geographic range of any terrestrial mammal in the Western Hemisphere, extending from Alaska to the southern tip of Chile, and are known by many names, including mountain lion, puma, deer tiger, panther, catamount, and other terms. Learn more about cougars @ & what Panthera is doing to protect the 'American Lion' in Wyoming @

25 Apr
Shan Shui/Panthera/Snow Leopard Trust (Bading)

Enjoy Panthera's pic of the day of two beautiful snow leopards, likely mother and cub, taken last December in Soujia, China. As part of Panthera's community-based conservation efforts, our team held a snow leopard monitoring training workshop last year with 24 local people from Yunta village. Villagers were taught in techniques including camera trap field instruction, and placed 16 Panthera cameras across 300 sq km of Suojia's snow leopard habitat, including one that captured this image. In cooperation with our partner, Shan Shui, these villagers have been checking the cameras every month to replace batteries and download images, which provide critical data on the number and behavior of local snow leopards, allowing Panthera and our partners to develop better conservation initiatives on behalf of 'Asia's Mountain Ghost.' Learn more about how Panthera is working to help snow leopards across their range and fostering wildlife guardianship among local people @

23 Apr
Burrard-Lucas Photography

All of us at Panthera would like to say thank you to our supporters for your contributions and Facebook comments and shares supporting wild cats yesterday on Earth Day! We hope you enjoy & share our photo of the day of a beautiful leopard, taken by Panthera's partner photographer, Burrard-Lucas Photography. Take a minute to read up on Panthera's leopard conservation initiatives in South Africa @ &

21 Apr
Drew Rush/National Geographic

Enjoy our precious photo of the day of a female cougar known as F59 monitored through Panthera’s Teton Cougar Project! F59 was one of five kittens born to F51 in her first litter and serves as a living legacy to her mother, who was recently killed by a local male cougar while defending her newest two kittens. Yesterday, our scientists reported that these two 7 month old kittens are alive and traveling together. Stay tuned for news on these kittens and other cougars monitored through the TCP. See incredible video footage and read about the incredible life and legacy of F51

10 Apr
Bivash Pandav/OETI/Panthera

Two tigers – one drinking and another quizzically investigating a camera trap – in India’s Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary in March 2013. Along with Lansdowne Division, Sonanadi acts as a critical corridor connecting tigers and other wildlife between Corbett Tiger Reserve and Rajaji National Park.

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