Videos and Photos of Snow Leopard Mother and Cubs in Dens Recorded in Mongolia

For the first time, the den sites of two female snow leopards and their cubs have been located in Mongolia’s Tost Mountains, with the first known video of one mother and her cub recorded by scientists from Panthera and the Snow Leopard Trust.

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Snow Leopard Cubs In Den

Snow Leopard Mother and Cub In Den

Panthera's Snow Leopard Scientist & Veterinarian Weigh Cubs In Den

Panthera's Snow Leopard Scientist Approaches Den With Camera

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Snow Leopard Cubs Photo Gallery

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Camera trap image of a snow leopard "mountain ghost", Ladakh, India Snow Leopard Program | Conserving Mountain Ghosts

Panthera on the Ground

Dr. Tom McCarthy processes a sample of snow leopard scat in Mongolia’s Altai Mountains. These samples are analyzed by our partners at the Global Felid Genetics Program, run through the American Museum of Natural History, and provide critical information about genetic relatedness between regional snow leopard populations.

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