Tiger Farm Media Kit For Journalists

This page contains a selection of tiger farm images from the Xiongsen Bear and Tiger Mountain village in Guilin, China. Farms like these are selling tiger bone wine and other products, and lobbying for the lifting of a 14-year ban on trade in tiger parts that would re-ignite demand for tiger parts that could jeopardize wild tiger populations. These images are from the International Tiger Coalition and may be freely used to illustrate any articles or reports on the issue, but please give appropriate credit.

Abbreviations: STF = Save The Tiger Fund, WPSI = Wildlife Protection Society of India

Tiger Stockpiles

Tiger carcasses in cold storage in Guilin Bear and Tiger Farm (c) Belinda Wright - WPSI

Tigers in Cold Storage

Refrigerated tiger stockpile in Guilin Bear and Tiger Farm (c) Belinda Wright - WPSI

tiger cages

Tiger breeding cages in Guilin Bear and Tiger Farm (c) Belinda Wright - WPSI

 Bear and Tiger Mountain Village (Tiger Farm)

Bear and Tiger Mountain Village tiger farm-  STF


 Battery Tiger Farms

Battery farm cages for tigers-STF


 Tiger in a cage

Caged tiger-STF


 Tiger Petting Zoo

Tiger petting zoo-STF


 Petting a sedated tiger

Petting a sedated tiger-STF


 Bathing tigers at farm

Tigers cooling off in a pool-STF


Hand Feeding a Tiger

Hand feeding a tiger-STF

 Tiger eating a calf

Tiger eating a calf-STF


 Tiger Circus

Tiger circus act-STF


Tiger Farm Safari

Tiger farm safari-STF


 Vat of Tiger Bone Wine

Vat of tiger bone wine-STF


 Tiger Bone Wine

Tiger bone wine for sale-STF


 Tiger Bone Ad

Tiger bone wine poster-STF

 Advert for Tiger Bone Wine

Tiger bone wine ad-STF

 tiger eyes

Tiger eyes-STF

tiger Programs

Tiger squinting Tigers Forever | Ensuring Tigers Live in the Wild Forever
Save the Tiger Fund Save the Tiger Fund | The STF-Panthera Partnership

Panthera on the Ground

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