Tiger Conservation Landscapes Media Kit

This web page is to provide resources for the press covering the release of the new report "Setting Priorities for the Conservation and Recovery of Wild Tigers 2005-2015.

  • Press release - 20 July 2006 press release of "Setting Priorities for the Conservation and Recovery of Wild Tigers - 2005-2015"
  • Fact sheet - Tiger Conservation Landscapes at a glance
Tiger conservation efforts throughout their range  - please give appropriate credit when using these high-res photos

 Historic vs present tiger range

Current tiger range map in relation to historic distribution

 Tiger landscapes numbered

Tiger Landscapes (numbered)

 low text historic vs present range

Current tiger range map in relation to historic distribution

 Bengal tiger India - Seidensticker

Wild Bengal Tiger - India (J. Seidensticker, NZP - STF)

 Educating forest guards India

Working with forest guards in India to build tiger monitoring capacity (Envirosearch)

 Radio collaring tiger Bangladesh

Researchers radio-collar a tiger in Bangladesh (A. Barlow)

 Tiger Bhutan

Bengal tiger found loitering in a village called Tshapey, Western Bhutan (Sangay, Ministry of Agriculture, Bhutan - WWF).

 Camera trps for tigers

Setting up a camera trap to monitor tiger numbers in India. Their stripes act as barcodes so that individual tigers can be recognized (P. Bhargav - WCS)

 Indochinese Tiger Laos

A tiger caught in a camera trap in Laos (WCS)

 Indochinese tiger with cubs, Thailand

A camera trap captures a tigress moving her cubs in Huai Kha Khaeng (HHK) Thailand (WCS)

 Wild Aid Thailand

Tiger law enforcement expert, Steve Galster, talking to high ranking Thai police official on tiger trafficking issue (Wild Aid Thailand)

 Sumatran tiger

Sumatran Tiger (WCS)

 Amur Tiger Cub - Russia

Amur tiger cub in the Russian Far East (J. Goodrich - WCS)

 Tracking tigers in Russai

Tracking of tigers in the snowy tiger landscapes of the Russian Far East (Linda Kerley)

 Tiger Landscape

A tiger landscape view, Sumatra (Hank Hammatt - WWF)


  • NZP - Smithsonian's National Zoological Park
  • STF - Save The Tiger Fund
  • WCS - Wildlife Conservation Society
  • WWF - World Wildlife Fund

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