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R. J. Foster, B. J. Harmsen, B. Valdes, C. Pomilla & C. P. Doncaster
May 2009
Hilary S. Cooley, Robert B. Wielgus, Gary M. Koehler, Hugh S. Robinson and Benjamin T. Maletzke
January 2009
Guy A. Balme ,Luke T.B. Hunter, and Rob Slotow
January 2009
Sanjay Gubbi, Matthew Linkie and Nigel Leader-Williams
Environmental Conservation
January 2009
Thomas M. McCarthy, Lisette P. Waits, and B. Mijiddorj
January 2009
P. N. Tumenta, J. S. Kok, J. C. van Rijssel, R. Buij, B. M. Croes, P. J. Funston, H. H. de Iongh and H. A. Udo de Haes
African Journal of Ecology
January 2009
Bart J. Harmsen, Rebecca J. Foster, Scott C. Silver, Linde E. T. Ostro, and C. Patrick Doncaster
December 2008
Cecily M. Costello, Scott R. Creel, Steven T. Kalinowski, Ninh V. Vu and Howard B. Quigley
Behav Ecol Sociobiol
November 2008
Chris Carbone, Tom Maddox, Paul J. Funston, Michael G. L. Mills, Gregory F. Grether and Blaire Van Valkenburgh
Biology Letters
October 2008
Sanjay Gubbi, Ravi Kumar And B.M. Akarsha
Journal of Bombay Natural History Society
September 2008
J. M. Goodrich, L. L. Kerley, E. N. Smirnov, D. G. Miquelle et al.
Journal of Zoology
April 2008
Houman Jowkar, Stephane Ostrowski and Luke Hunter
March 2008
Hilary S. Cooley, Hugh S. Robinson, Robert B. Wielgus and Catherine S. Lambert
Journal of Wildlife Managment
January 2008
Hugh S. Robinson, Robert B. Wielgus, Hilary S. Cooley and Skye W. Cooley
Ecological Applications
January 2008