Blue sheep travelling through the mountainsThe Trans-Himalayan region of Ladakh, India is dominated by a unique and fragile cold desert ecosystem where the snow leopard is the apex predator.  Retaliatory killing of the cats by communities whose livestock are depredated is all too common.  The Snow Leopard Conservancy – India Trust (SLC-IT), a local grass-roots NGO, has had remarkable success in changing human attitudes and stemming retribution on snow leopards through a mix of conservation education, improving economic livelihoods, and importantly, reducing losses of livestock by building predator-proof corrals.  Panthera, in partnership with SLC-IT plans to expand this successful model in other critical sites across the Trans-Himalayas. 

 Key Activities

  • Site visitation and SLC-IT program evaluation by Dr. Tom McCarthy in 2010
  • Testing of electric fencing to reduce livestock depredation by snow leopards and other predators
  • Expansion of comprehensive community-based conservation program (education, livelihood enhancement via ecotourism, and reducing livestock losses) in two villages in 2011.


    Snow Leopard Conservancy – India Trust

 Other Initiatives

  • Enhance conservation impact monitoring through use of camera traps and fecal genetics


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