Tigers Forever Resources

Panthera’s Tigers Forever program was launched in 2006 after decades of continuing tiger declines and is changing the face of tiger conservation. Tigers Forever makes a unique commitment to increase tiger numbers at key sites by at least 50% over a 10-year period by relentlessly attacking the most critical threats to tigers – poaching of tigers and their prey. Utilizing rigorous science to maintain constant vigilance on conservation efforts and on the tiger itself, this transformative program is the only one of its kind to guarantee success – the recovery of the wild tiger.

Today, the Tigers Forever program is being implemented in 14 sites, including initiatives in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia ,Malaysia, Nepal, and Thailand. The program is built on decades of tiger research and lessons learned from tiger conservation initiatives across Asia. Panthera realizes how important such information is to help protect tigers in the wild and how significant it is to collaborate and share conservation resources to Tigers Forever Partners and anyone else who wants to learn more about saving the species.

The documents provided here are a growing and evolving list of resources and information for use in tiger conservation projects that will be periodically updated to remain as current as possible.

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