Lion Guardians Games Celebrations

This video shows celebrations including singing, dancing and jumping after the first ever Lion Guardian Games that were held this year by the Panthera supported Living with Lions organization. In the Maasai culture, it is traditional for men to engage in a competitive jumping activity shown in the video, which is used to show the murrans, or warriors', stamina and strength...and to impress the girls!

The Lion Guardian Games make up an exciting tournament in which the Lion Guardians, Maasai traditional warriors, - competed in three events, including stick and spear throwing and soccer - a sport with which many of the Guardians are not so familiar. The games tested the skill, accuracy and strength of the competitors, and provided a neutral environment in which to showcase their skills.

The games were held to thank the Guardians for their incredible work during a year plagued by a severe drought which had contributed to an increase in human-lion conflicts, and also to acquaint Lion Guardians working at three separate ranches – Eselenkei, Mbirikani, and Olgulului Group Ranches – to encourage them to work together on lion conservation issues in the future.

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