The Moth Presents Alan Rabinowitz: The Last Taron

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On November 2nd, 2011, Panthera CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz joined a select group of storytellers to speak at The Moth’s ‘Raise the Roof’ event at New York City’s Town Hall. Watch this video above to see Dr. Rabinowitz share a touching story about his incredible encounters with ‘The Last Taron’ – an isolated community on the verge of self-imposed extinction - while working to create the world's largest tiger reserve in Myanmar's Hukaung Valley. Learn about what Dr. Rabinowitz described as “the trip of a lifetime” as he hiked “up the rugged region of northern Myanmar, along the snowcapped mountains of the eastern Himalayan plateau…to try to find the most northern range of the Indochinese tiger…and possibly even come upon the remote valleys where the tiger might be wandering with the elusive snow leopard.”

Dr. Rabinowitz was joined by event host, Garrison Keillor, and several other ‘all-time favorite Moth storytellers,’ including writer Elna Baker, comedian Mike Birbiglia, author Tina McElroy Ansa, and author Jonathan Ames. The 2011 Moth Award was presented to the family of Spalding Gray in recognition of his life and work during this event.

Listen to a podcast of Dr. Rabinowitz's first Moth appearance - "Man and Beast." 

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