Panthera CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz's Lifetime Achievement Award Acceptance Speech - 2011 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

In 2011, Panthera's CEO, Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, received the Lifetime Achievement Award in Conservation at the prestigious Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This video features Dr. Rabinowitz's acceptance speech at the Film Festival.

The Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival's Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes Dr. Rabinowitz’s decades of tireless work to survey the world’s last wild places, with the goal of preserving wild habitats for some of the world’s most endangered mammals – including tigers and jaguars. A pioneer in the wild cat conservation field, Dr. Rabinowitz’s work led to the creation of the world’s first jaguar sanctuary in Belize and the establishment of the world’s largest tiger reserve in Myanmar’s Hukaung Valley. Dr. Rabinowitz is also renowned for the conceptualization and establishment of the Jaguar Corridor - a series of genetic corridors connecting jaguars across their range from Mexico to Argentina - and the initiation of Panthera's Tiger Corridor Initiative, which aims to identify and protect the world's last remaining large interconnected tiger landscapes.

During the festival, Dr. Rabinowitz also participated in a panel in which he shared stories from his lifetime of work in wildlife conservation.

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