Playful Noca – the First Female Jaguar Collared by Panthera in the Pantanal

Taken in late 2012 by Panthera’s research collaborator, Ailton Lara of Pantanal Nature Tours, this video features Noca – the first female jaguar collared as part of Panthera’s Pantanal Jaguar Project – playing with her new mate, a resident male jaguar, in the Brazilian Pantanal. Panthera’s jaguar scientists first collared Noca in late 2010 when the CBS ’60 Minutes’ crew was on location to document Panthera’s innovative jaguar conservation work in the Pantanal. Noca’s collaring was later aired on the ’60 Minutes’ program, In Search of the Jaguar: Up Close and Rare, in January of 2011.

In February 2013, ’60 Minutes’ aired an update on Noca’s latest activities, including the birth of at least one new cub. After this cub dispersed, the video above was filmed of Noca with her new mate, preparing for another litter.

Click here to watch the one minute ’60 Minutes’ update.

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