Remove a Snare. Save a Life. - Lion Rescue

This video shows the rescue of a lion from a snare in Mozambique’s Niassa National Reserve. Tethered by a poacher’s snare set for African buffalo, the lion was discovered by a local villager. Thanks to conservation education efforts carried out by the Panthera-supported Niassa Carnivore Project (NCP), including taking villagers to see wild lions in protected reserves, the local community notified Niassa Reserve authorities and staff from NCP, who quickly sprang to action to save the lion. Lucikly, when they reached the lion the snare hadn't yet cut into his skin and field staff were able to remove the snare, treat the lion's injuries and release him away from local villages. Days later, the lion was spotted and had already made a full recovery.

In 2012, Panthera launched a 'Remove a Snare. Save a Life.' campaign to raise $50,000 to protect lions like this and other wild cats from the threat of deadly snares. Watch & share this campaign video to help us raise awareness about the impact of simple wire snares on big cats & help us reach our fundraising goal. Every dollar raised will go to the field to support enforcement patrols that remove and prevent the setting of snares and rescue snare victims.

Visit Panthera's Snare Removal campaign page to learn more & donate!

This rescue was made possible by the Niassa Carnivore Project, Niassa National Reserve and the Luwire Concession.