Video from the Field: Wild Snow Leopard in China

Using a series of camera trap photos taken one after the other, Panthera’s snow leopard program staff created this video of a wild snow leopard on the Tibetan Plateau in China’s Qinghai Province. The video shows a snow leopard sniffing an overhanging boulder, which is a common target for where snow leopards leave their scent. Additional photos captured with the same camera trap show a number of other snow leopards spraying and sniffing the same rock.

Through the joint Shan Shui/Panthera/Snow Leopard Trust research and conservation project in Qinghai Province, we are currently working to map snow leopard range, identify threats facing snow leopards in this region, engage in community-based monitoring of snow leopard populations with Buddhist monasteries as the focal points, and many more activities to help protect the remaining 3,500-7,000 wild snow leopards. Experts believe that China may hold as many as half of the remaining wild snow leopards & is home to over one third of the world’s snow leopard habitat.

Learn more about this research project @​k66TZ1 and Panthera's Snow Leopard Conservation Program @​dp6dUn.

The photos included in this video are credited to Li Juan, a PhD student at Peking University working on the joint project in Qinghai Province.