The Wildlife of the Pantanal 1

This short video clip shows the beautiful wildlife surrounding a riverbank in the Pantanal – a region in western Brazil, on the border with Bolivia and Paraguay, that is home to the world’s largest wetland and the highest density of jaguars. The video was taken during the filming of My Pantanal – a short Panthera film told through the eyes of a 10 year old boy, Aerenilso, who lives on a conservation ranch in the Pantanal. With as many as 2,500 ‘fazendas’, or ranches, the Pantanal is home to nearly eight million cattle, and is therefore also a hotbed for conflict between local ranchers and jaguars. Many ranchers, or Pantaneiros, in the Pantanal perceive jaguars as ‘cattle-killers’ and believe them to be a threat to their livelihoods. Sadly, as a result jaguars are often killed on sight by ranchers.

This is where Panthera steps in. Our field staff are working on the ground in the Pantanal with local ranchers to to show how ranching and jaguar conservation can co-exist in this spectacular landscape. Training local ranchers how to improve their livestock husbandry techniques, including building predator-proof corrals for their cattle, is just one way in which Panthera’s field staff are working to protect the jaguar and mitigate human-jaguar conflict.

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