27 Jan

CNN, BBC and Other Major News Outlets Feature Panthera’s Video of a Snow Leopard Stealing a Camera Trap in Tajikistan


Panthera and Fauna and Flora International’s video of a snow leopard cub stealing a camera trap in Tajikistan was recently posted on a number of major news outlets’ websites, including CNN, BBC, Daily Mail, The Huffington Post, OurAmazingPlanet, TreeHugger, WIRED, Australian Broadcasting Corporation and others. The video was also aired on CNN’s international television program.

Panthera and our partner, Fauna and Flora International, are currently carrying out a camera trap survey in the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan to learn more about the conservation status and activities of snow leopards and their prey in this region, which provide a potentially critical link between the southern and northern regions of snow leopard range and may serve as a vital corridor for genetic interchange.

Read the full story published in Panthera’s January Newsletter - An Unexpected Camera Trap Thief in Tajikistan (Caught on Camera!)

Camera Trap Videos and Photos

Video of snow leopard stealing camera trap.

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  • Learn more about Panthera’s snow leopard conservation work in Tajikistan, including the development of Tajikistan’s National Snow Leopard Action Plan in partnership with Tajikistan’s Academy of Sciences.
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  • Trekking with Tom: Follow in Panthera’s Snow Leopard Program Executive Director, Dr. Tom McCarthy’s, footsteps as he travels through Tajikistan’s Pamir Mountains and India’s Himalayas in search of the elusive “mountain ghost” and embarks on conservation strategies Panthera must employ to protect this rare and endangered species.