American Museum of Natural History

Panthera has partnered with the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) to develop a state-of-the-art feline genetics laboratory and the largest genetic database for felids. AMNH’s Comparative Genomics Laboratory uses the latest techniques in conservation biology to conduct critically important research and to help design conservation management plans. Click here to read more about the Global Felid Genetics Program.

The mission of the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) is to discover, interpret, and disseminate – through scientific research and education – knowledge about human cultures, the natural world, and the universe.

Darwin Initiative

Through Panthera’s Jaguar Program in Belize, we partner with the Darwin Initiative (DI), a program of the British government that assists in biodiversity conservation around the world. A DI grant for mammal use of corridors was recently awarded to Panthera’s Research Fellow, Bart Harmsen, and brings together the Panthera team of Bart Harmsen and Rebecca Foster, with Patrick Doncaster of University of Southampton, along with the University of Belize’s Environmental Research Institute and the Forest Department of the government of Belize. This work is setting a paradigm for cooperation and for conservation science in the Central Belize Corridor.


DHL has partnered with Panthera to support our South Africa-based Furs For Life Leopard Project by providing free shipping of fake leopard furs from manufacturers in China to South Africa. DHL is helping Panthera reduce the demand for real leopard skins and prevent the hunting of Africa’s leopards by providing an alternative high-quality and affordable fake fur to members of the Shembe Baptist Church, who wear the skins during religious ceremonies.

Emanuel J. Friedman Philanthropies

Emanuel J. Friedman Philanthropies and Panthera have partnered to launch the Friedman Cheetah Conservation Grants Program, to support in situ conservation efforts on the cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) in Africa.

International Union for Conservation of Nature

The chairs of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Cat Specialist Group, Urs and Christine Breitenmoser, sit on Panthera’s Advisory Council and cooperate on the Small Cat Action Fund and the uniquely valuable Digital Cat Library.

Our mission is to influence, encourage and assist societies throughout the world to conserve the integrity and diversity of nature and to ensure that any use of natural resources is equitable and ecologically sustainable.

Liz Claiborne Art Ortenberg Foundation

Panthera and the Liz Claiborne Art Ortenberg Foundation (LCAOF) are partners in jaguar conservation. LCAOF has been dedicated to jaguar conservation for many years and has recently partnered with Panthera on the Liz Claiborne Art Ortenberg Jaguar Small Grants and a new Jaguar Corridor project in Northern South America.

Naples Zoo

Panthera and Naples Zoo are collaborating to support Panthera’s Furs For Life Leopard Project in South Africa, and Panthera’s lion conservation efforts carried out through Project Leonardo across the African continent.

Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens is an award-winning 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization cooperating in conservation programs both in and outside the wild for endangered species.

National Geographic Society's Big Cats Initiative (BCI)

In January 2012, Panthera and the National Geographic Society's Big Cats Initiative (BCI) formed an important collaboration to further the global fight to save big cats in the wild. Officials from Panthera and the National Geographic Society signed a Memorandum of Understanding designating Panthera as a scientific and strategic collaborator on the BCI. The collaboration will facilitate the development and implementation of global conservation strategies for the most imperiled cats around the world, including tigers, lions, leopards and cheetahs. To help guide strategy, an advisory group composed of representatives from each organization has been established.


Patagonia has provided clothing for two of Panthera’s project sites in India and Tajikistan. Properly outfitting park guards enables the people who are protecting big cats to be safer and more comfortable in the field. Patagonia believes that business can inspire solutions to the environmental crisis. Bringing the right gear to the people on the front lines will help protect the future of these animals.


PUMA has partnered with Panthera and premier African ecotourism operator, Wilderness Safaris, on a new initiative in Zambia’s Kafue National Park to halt the poaching of lions and other wildlife in the region. PUMA’s support of this project will allow Panthera and our partners on the ground to outfit and expand anti-poaching units and improve law enforcement monitoring in one of just nine countries in Africa home to more than 1,000 lions.

Robertson Foundation

Panthera’s partnership with the Robertson Foundation has armed us with the resources to significantly expand our internationally-recognized Tigers Forever program, enabling us to protect tigers in key areas throughout their range.

The Robertson Foundation believes that we have an obligation to be responsible stewards of the earth for future generations, and supports activities that promote a habitable, sustainable environment.

Save the Tiger Fund

Save the Tiger Fund (STF) and Panthera are proud to announce that we have joined together to save tigers in the wild. This new partnership is a union of two of the most influential tiger conservation groups and our goal is to carry out the most effective conservation activities to save wild tigers. The STF-Panthera partnership combines decades of experience and a track record of success in identifying conservation priorities, utilizing best practices, and implementing proven strategies to address the many challenges facing wild tigers today.

Learn more about the STF-Panthera partnership

Snow Leopard Trust

Panthera and the Snow Leopard Trust (SLT) are partners in conserving snow leopards across their range. Dr. Tom McCarthy, SLT's Science and Conservation Director since 2000, and one of the world's foremost experts on snow leopards, joined Panthera in July 2008, in a shared Panthera/SLT position, as Panthera’s Director of Snow Leopard Programs.

Founded in 1981, the Snow Leopard Trust is the largest and oldest organization working solely to protect the endangered snow leopard and its Central Asian habitat.

Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation (TWNC)

Panthera is working in partnership with Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation (TWNC) and its founder, Mr. Tomy Winata, to carry out a critical wild tiger conservation project in TWNC - a 450km2 privately managed concession situated within a stunning peninsula forming the southern tip of the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (BBSNP) in Sumatra, Indonesia. Mr. Tomy Winata and TWNC have been active in conserving wildlife and the wild habitats of southern Sumatra since 1996. Today, Artha Graha Peduli (“AGP”) supports the management and conservation of Tambling Wildlife Nature Conservation (“Tambling”) - a concession which provides a permanent refuge for tigers and other wildlife, and represents a model for conservation leadership in Indonesia and around the world.

Trust for Mutual Understanding

In partnership with the Trust for Mutual Understanding (TMU), Panthera is working to develop and implement innovative community-based conservation solutions for one of the least known species of cats - the snow leopard.

TMU supports East-West exchanges in the arts and environment, reflecting the founder’s appreciation of the importance of culture and ecology in people’s lives.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service-Rhino Tiger Conservation Fund (USFWS-RTCF) is supporting Panthera’s tiger conservation work in India.

USFWS-RTCF has been working to restore rhino and tiger populations to healthy numbers in the wild since 1994.


Panthera and WildCRU (the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, a part of Oxford University’s Department of Zoology) have partnered to create the world’s leading university centre specifically for research in wild felid conservation.

The mission of the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (known as the WildCRU) is to achieve practical solutions to conservation problems. We do this through original scientific research of the highest calibre. Vitally, we also train committed conservation scientists to conduct research, and to put scientific knowledge into practice. We participate in the implementation of many conservation projects and embrace the need to educate and involve a wider public to achieve lasting solutions.

Wildlife Conservation Society

Panthera and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) have been partners since Panthera’s inception in 2006. Panthera currently works with WCS on Tigers Forever, the Jaguar Corridor Initiative and the Iranian Cheetah Project.

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) saves wildlife and wild lands. We do so through careful science, international conservation, education, and the management of the world’s largest system of urban wildlife parks, led by the flagship Bronx Zoo. Together, these activities change individual attitudes toward nature and help people imagine wildlife and humans living in sustainable interaction on both a local and a global scale. WCS is committed to this work because we believe it essential to the integrity of life on Earth.

Woodland Park Zoo

Panthera and the Woodland Park Zoo are collaborating to conserve the Malayan tiger subspecies within the crucial but threatened central forests of Malaysia.

Woodland Park Zoo saves animals and their habitats through conservation leadership and engaging experiences, inspiring people to learn, care and act.

Zoological Society of London

Panthera and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) are partners in the Iranian Cheetah Project, as well as Tigers Forever in Sumatra, Indonesia.

The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) is a charity devoted to the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats.