16 May

DisneyNature Chooses Panthera as a Way to get Involved with Saving Wild Cats


We are proud to announce that DisneyNature has selected Panthera as one of its wild cat conservation partners, and is encouraging DisneyNature fans to support Panthera in order to get involved in the conservation of Africa’s wild cats.  DisneyNature kicked off Earth Day this year with the release of its latest nature film, African Cats.  Narrated by actor Samuel L. Jackson, this film follows the life story of a cheetah and lion family, and the hardships and challenges they face just trying to survive in the wild savannas of Kenya’s Maasai Mara region.

This story is made even more  miraculous when coupled with the human-induced threats that Africa’s lions and cheetahs face across their range, including loss of habitat, direct hunting by livestock owners protecting their livelihoods, and loss of wild prey due to overhunting by humans. To eliminate these threats, Panthera is partnering with the Living with Lions organization in the Maasai Mara region where African Cats was filmed to carry out the Lion Guardians program - a unique initiative that involves protecting this region’s lions by employing traditional lion hunters (local Maasai warriors) as ‘Lion Guardians.’

Visit Panthera’s ‘Let Lions Live’ campaign and learn how Panthera is working throughout Africa to help protect Africa’s wild lions. Through the month of May, every dollar donated to the ‘Let Lions Live’ campaign will be matched to help save Africa’s wild lion populations.