31 May

Help Panthera Stop the War on Wildlife


The planet's most iconic creatures are being slaughtered for the illegal wildlife trade, a market estimated to be around $20 billion a year.

Poaching networks are highly organized, better outfitted than park guards, and more emboldened than ever to kill and collect their prize. Utilizing helicopters, automatic weapons, chainsaws, and poison, they leave behind rotting carcasses charting their course.

Is this the Earth we envision, with tigers, lions, elephants and rhinos soon to become the ghosts of our past? Is this the footprint, the legacy, we are choosing to leave behind? I believe that for most of us, the answer is an emphatic "no".

Panthera works uncompromisingly to stop poachers in their tracks, as illegal killing is now the leading threat to tigers, and is escalating for all the big cats. Panthera helps train, outfit, and incentivize park guards, men and women who are not only protecting big cats, but all the other wildlife there too.

Please support Panthera's anti-poaching efforts and help us raise $100,000 in the next month to stop the war on wildlife.

Donate Now

100% of your donation will go directly to the field to support Panthera's efforts, and help us continue to build upon our successes in securing core areas for tigers; training thousands of park guards across Asia and Africa; and creating our own technology to outsmart poachers.

  • $2,500 will help Panthera continue to develop surveillance technology that can alert park guards in real time when poachers are entering protected areas
  • $1,000 can provide a motorcycle or contribute to needed vehicles to assist with effective patrols
  • $500 can assist with anti-poaching training; in 2012 Panthera trained more than 600 guards in Asia alone
  • $250 covers the cost of one camera trap to help monitor big cats; up to 300 units are required in one study site
  • $50 dollars can cover the monthly costs of one informant network who provides invaluable information to authorities to stop poaching incidents before they happen

Please join Panthera and support the brave people who are fighting this dangerous battle, who are not only protecting their own wildlife, but the world's wildlife - yours, and mine.


Andrea Heydlauff
Vice President, Panthera

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