30 Dec

A Message from Panthera CEO Dr. Alan Rabinowitz: Help Big Cats Live On in 2014 and Beyond – Make a Year-End Gift to Panthera


As 2013 comes to a close, I am inspired by the achievements Panthera has made this past year for big cats.

Because of your generous support, Panthera’s scientists have made serious strides in protecting wild cats from their most pervasive threats, expanding our conservation projects, and growing our team of scientists and influential partners that are fighting every day to protect big cats.

Yet, there is still so much to be done to ensure the world’s tigers, lions, jaguars, snow leopards and other big cats not only persist, but thrive, in 2014 and beyond. The threats rage on – with wild lands being converted for human needs, increasing human-cat conflict, overhunting of wild prey, and the surging demand for big cats, whose parts are sold through the illegal wildlife market.

But with your help, we can make 2014 a monumental turning point for big cat conservation. Make a contribution now to help Panthera strengthen our coordinated conservation efforts carried out in over 50 countries around the world.

Your donation will help us build on our momentum from this past year, including our work to:

  • Launch four anti-lion poaching projects in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia; help state wildlife agencies manage Africa’s bush meat crisis; and develop lion conservation plans in southeast Angola and northeast Namibia;
  • Develop jaguar conservation plans with Nicaragua, Belize, and Brazil; identify the last 10% of Mesoamerica’s jaguar corridors; and secure Colombia’s San Lucas Park connecting jaguars in Central and South America;
  • Strategically fight the illegal wildlife trade by developing the fifth generation of high-tech cameras that recognize humans and help apprehend poachers; and grow law enforcement teams to monitor tigers and bring down poaching rings across Asia;
  • Predator-proof 100 livestock corrals in Tajikistan; expand engagement with Buddhist monks in Ladakh, India; and escalate community-led snow leopard conservation efforts on China’s Tibetan Plateau;
  • Determine the status of cougars in Yellowstone National Park and help launch a new cougar conservation project in Patagonia;
  • Distribute fake leopard skin capes to Shembe Church members through our Furs For Life project, which helps reduce hunting of the African leopard; and more.

100% of your contribution will go directly to field programs to support Panthera’s critical conservation efforts like these. To those who have supported us already this holiday season, we thank you, and for those that haven’t, it’s not too late. Please make a donation for big cats now.

Thank you for caring about the future of big cats and our planet.


Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, CEO of Panthera

P.S. Don’t forget to make your gift before the Dec. 31 tax deadline.