13 Dec

Panthera’s Dr. Howard Quigley Discusses Jaguars & Cougars on Wild About Pets


Panthera’s Executive Director of Jaguar Programs and Teton Cougar Project Director, Dr. Howard Quigley, was recently interviewed on the Wild About Pets radio show. Watch a pictorial video of this interview to learn about the Americas’ two biggest cats – jaguars and cougars. Find out what makes jaguars and cougars so remarkable and learn about the critical roles they play in balancing ecosystems for other animal species, and humans. Hear about similarities jaguars and cougars share with the house cat, and learn about common misconceptions of these cats, the threats they face today, and what Panthera is doing to mitigate these threats through the Jaguar Corridor InitiativePantanal Jaguar ProjectTeton Cougar Project, and California Cougar Project.

The Wild About Pets radio show is broadcast nationwide by Talkzone, an Internet talk radio site, and throughout 136 countries around the world.


More about Wild About Pets

The Wild about Pets show presents interviews with leading authors, experts and personalities all revolving around the world of household pets and wild animals. This radio show is unusual in that it has a visual counterpart in the form of the WildAboutPets.net website. This allows visitors not only to listen but to also see photographs of the animals being spoken about and find recorded information and resources referenced in the show.