12 Mar

Panthera Congratulates Thai Officials on Issuing Stern Sentence for Tiger Poachers


Last summer, a wildlife patrol team arrested two tiger poachers in Thailand’s Western Forest Province using evidence that included photos from the poachers’ cell phone showing the men standing over a dead tiger (which was being tracked by the Wildlife Conservation Society), along with images showing them trafficking elephant ivory. After a lengthy trial, Thai officials recently sentenced the two men to five and four years in prison – the most severe punishments ever given for wildlife poaching in Thailand. As this case comes to a close, Panthera congratulates Thai officials for sending a clear warning to all current and would-be wildlife poachers that this illegal and cruel activity will not be tolerated.

Sadly, the number one threat facing tigers today is poaching for the illegal wildlife market. Throughout Asia, gangs of criminals are targeting and illegally killing the last of the world’s 3,200 wild tigers for their skins, claws, canines and other body parts, which are used as trophies and in traditional Chinese medicines. Learn more about the work Panthera is doing to save tigers through the Tigers Forever program.

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